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What is the 1-Stop Gateway?

The 1-Stop Gateway service, available at, is an online information service that provides a number of applications that improve data transfer, reporting and visibility for the Australian freight and logistics community. All subscribers to the 1-Stop Gateway have access to the following services.


Vessel schedule visibility

The 1-Stop vessel schedule provides an accurate and up-to-the minute electronic view of vessel arrivals, departures, cargo cut-off, availability and import storage start times for the various terminal operators around Australia. Information is also available for vessels arriving to and from the ports of Auckland.


Container visibility

The 1-Stop Gateway can provide accurate, up-to-the-minute information on any container entering or leaving Australia through terminal facilities using 1-Stop’s services. This includes what vessel it is on, when it is due and which terminal will receive it. Customers can find out the exact date and time a container has been loaded, discharged, gated in or gated out of a terminal.

1-Stop also receives onboard vessel information in advance of the vessel's arrival. This provides valuable details for trans-shipped containers, particularly when the second vessel is unknown to the customer.

Electronic Pre Receival Advice (PRA)

This is an electronic web-based application for the lodgment of export Pre Receival Advices (PRAs). Simple, easy to use and provided at a low cost, this facility is an excellent option for companies who do not have the software required to send this information electronically.


PRA status

Customers can quickly check the latest status of a reported PRA simply by entering container numbers. A display will show the container as either being accepted, pending or rejected.


Customs status

This service displays the current status of an import container as provided by the Australian Customs Service.


Who uses the 1-Stop Gateway?

The 1-Stop Gateway is used by shipping lines, carriers, importers, exporters, freight forwarders, customs brokers, container terminals, container parks and depots.


Why is the 1-Stop Gateway used?

The 1-Stop Gateway saves users time and money by providing one place to conduct a number of search, notification, checking and payment tasks for managing container cargo..



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