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Logging in

Once your subscription has been activate by the Helpdesk, go to the 1-Stop Gateway ‘Sign in’ at the top right corner of the Home page. Enter your user name and password. You may be asked to reset your password.


Gateway home

Once you’ve logged in, the bar of tabs across the top of the page will show a ‘Launch’ option. Choose ‘1-Stop Gateway’ from this list.

Now you’ve reached the 1-Stop Gateway Home page. From here you can activate a number of different searches, lodge a Pre Receival Advice (PRA) or manage your payments. The blue menu bar on the left of the page contains links to all Gateway functions.

The Organisation Administrator’s role in the Gateway

Each company is assigned one Organisation Administrator. If you’re the Organisation Administrator for your company, you may wish to add new users or give users additional roles (that is, allow them to view certain parts of the Gateway).

We have collected all the Organisation Administrator duties into a separate guide, the Self Service Customer User Guide.


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