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Bug fixes in this release

PRA - 3rd Party XML format senders will now get terminal responses


Full Description

When an exporter sends a PRA in XML format, they will also receive an ACCEPTED or REJECTED response to their email.


Changes in this release

PRA Validation Rules - Shipping Line Admin can now specify a booking number to bypass validation rules


Full Description

When a PRA is sent through our system, we do some checks on it.  We check it against the booking lists that Shipping Lines have informed us about (either directly through our interface, or via EDI).  If the PRA details don't match the booking info that the shipping line has given us, we stop the PRA from going through to the terminal.  We call this "PRA Validation".

On occasion, the Shipping Line may want to turn off the validation for one particular booking and all containers associated with that booking. 

So Shipping Line admins now have an option to specify a booking number to bypass. This means that when an exporter submits a PRA with that booking number, the PRA Validation rules set by the shipping line will be ignored and the PRA will pass through 1-Stop to the terminal.

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