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Bug fixes in this release


Create SSR - New helpful message shown when a terminal is not selected


Full Description

Instead of an error message, we will display a helpful message to select the Terminal to proceed if one is not chosen. A sample screenshot is shown below:

Vessel Schedule - Search with spaces 


Full Description

If there were any spaces in the Vessel schedule search box, we treated those spaces as part of the vessel name and would try and look up that vessel. So most times, we weren't able to find an exact match to that vessel name.

For example, if you entered "MOL DESTINY " instead of "MOL DESTINY", we wouldn't be able to find a match.

So we have corrected this situation. We will automatically remove all leading and trailing blank spaces from the vessel name that is entered, then do the lookup. Sample of screenshots are shown below:


There is a space at the end (highlighted by the red box):

We remove the space and look up "mol destiny", and find a match:

Note: This change is in both Basic and Advance vessel schedule search screens.


Alerts - Page performance improved


Full Description

The "Alert Service" page took ages to load! We have now improved the performance of the page so that you don't have to waste too much time waiting for this page to load. We know time is of the essence.


PRA - Weight Verification Date format validation


Full Description

We were not validating the date format for the weight verification in the PRA create page. This meant that anyone could put unrealistic dates in. From now on, this format will be validated and moreover, we will accept the following format for weight verification date:

• 201601211600 (YYYYMMDDHHMI)
• 20160121 (YYYYMMDD)

You can use any of them interchangeably.


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