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The information below is also available on the website under FAQs.


What about DP World (CSX) in Adelaide? How will PRAs be sent to them?

DP World Adelaide does not receive electronic messages from 1-Stop at this stage, however, Exporters will have 2 methods in which to lodge their information direct with DP World Adelaide.

  • Option 1: Utilise the DP World Adelaide web site where exporters can key export information direct into the DP World Adelaide System. This information can be validated against the shipping line booking information. This option is aimed at the small to mid range exporters who do not operate an in-house documentation system that has the ability to generate EDIFACT messaging.
  • Option 2: Transmit EDIFACT messages direct into the DP World Adelaide system. The message standard is IFTERA v 5.4 – which can be received directly into the DP World Adelaide system and can be validated with shipping line booking information. This option is targeted at the larger exporters that have the ability to create and transmit EDIFACT messages.

1-Stop cannot answer DP World Adelaide related question so you must contact them direct.

If you are not certain which option is best suited to your requirements go to;

CSX have also agreed to accept the 1-Stop CSV file format.

Further information can be found at the DP World Adelaide website. They have published a number of articles / FAQ sheets etc. These are now available on their PRA web site at – click on the download link and you will see it there.

NB.: Originally DP World Adelaide was owned by CSX and they decided not participate in a national system. DP World Adelaide have taken over form CSX and discussions are under way to incorporate DP World Adelaide into 1-Stop systems. Until then, we acknowledge that it may get confusing for Adelaide exporters as to who’s web interface they are using so we recommend that you check with the shipping line at the time of booking to confirm where the unit will be returned to and lodge the PRA accordingly.


Do stevedores accept hard copy ERAs?

The stevedores will no longer accept hardcopy ERAs at the major terminals for FULL containers. In the case of an either the 1-Stop or terminal systems unavailbilty, the terminal may revert back to paper based processing but this would only be done as a last resort.

PRAs are mandatory for all major DP World and Patrick (and CSX-Adelaide) terminals. These include Sydney - Port Botany, Brisbane – Fisherman Island, Melbourne-East and West Swanson terminals, Fremantle and DP World Adelaide (not via 1-Stop).


Is there a cost associated with lodging PRAs electronically?

There will be no transaction cost associated with lodging PRAs through the 1-Stop system.  There is an annual subscription fee to join 1-Stop if you want to use the 1-Stop website to submit the PRAs and there are many other services available on our site included in the subscription.


Is it necessary to complete individual PRAs for empty containers?

For the time being you are not required to complete an individual PRA for an empty container, however, PRAs are accepted for empty containers and although the PRA for empties are not mandatory, it will speed up processing at the terminal if a PRA has been submitted.


Do exporters have any alternatives other than the 1-Stop web system to submit PRAs to the terminals?

Yes.   You can send EDI messages direct from your system to the 1-Stop system or use other software suppliers or other value added networks.


Are we able to amend or adjust a PRA once the container has been received into the terminal?

No further change can be made to PRA information once the container has been received into the terminal unless it is made through the respective shipping line. The 1-Stop system does not allow for any alterations once the container has been received in the terminal gate.


Does this system check the validity of CAN or EDN’s?

The 1-Stop Gateway does validate an EDN and CAN with the Customs systems.

There are a number of exemption codes that can be used instead of an EDN/CRN/CAN. See list below:

  • EXCC - Contingency Customs Authority Number (CAN)
  • EXTI - Temporary Imports (Carnet or Tryptique)
  • EXML - Australia Post or Diplomatic Bags Of Mail
  • EXDC - Australian Domestic Cargo. This code can ONLY be used for cargo travelling from one Australian Port to another Australian Port on a domestic leg of an international voyage. The cargo cannot be exported out of Australia.
  • EXSP - Ship or Aircraft Spares
  • EXDD - Military goods which are the property of the Australian Defence Force or a visiting Foreign Defence Force.


  • EMPTY containers do not require a Customs Reference number - the field can be left empty/blank.
  • Some customers may think they can use EXPE (for Personal Effects) or EXLV (for Low Value Goods). These codes are NOT accepted by the terminals. The customer will need to obtain an EDN from Customs or obtain the CRN (Consolidation Reference Number / Main/Slot Manifest Number) from their shipping line. The reason for this, is that the Customs Reference number is reported by the Stevedore in a CTO Receival (CTOREC) message and for Seafreight, EXPE & EXLV are not considered valid by Customs.


Will the transport company need to access this system?

Unless your transport company is willing to lodge PRAs on your behalf, there is no need for them to have access. You can also send a copy of the PRA to your transport company by including their e-mail address on the web screen.


Does the VBS system identify when the PRA is ACCEPTED b y the terminal?

The Vehicle Booking System (VBS) does links into the 1-Stop Gateway to cross check export container numbers.


What impact will this have on late receivals?

The same procedures will apply with late receival containers that are currently in place.  All late receival containers must be advised to the shipping line and relayed to the terminal on the “Late Receival List” in order to gain access into the terminal.


How far in advance can a PRA be submitted?

PRAs are only accepted within 14 days of the Cargo Receival Start date which can be up to 10 days prior of vessel departure date.


What happens if I “roll” my container to another vessel?

If the container has already been received then normal procedures would need to be followed – advise the shipping line in writing who in turn would make the necessary arrangements. If the container has not yet been received at the terminal then you must cancel the first PRA and submit a new one with the new vessel information.


Will transport companies still receive a container receipt on departure from the terminal?

Yes, the same practice will apply as at present.  Normal receipt procedures will be adhered to.


Do transport companies still require a paper copy of the ERA to lodge at R&D?

No, this isn’t necessary. However some transport operators prefer to carry this documentation as a cross check to verify what they are carrying. All that will be required to quote at R&D is the container number and this will be sufficient. You can download the PRA (hardcopy) from the 1-Stop website when you complete a PRA.


What does the ‘multiple logon’ warning mean?

If two people log in using an individual user’s account, either user may receive a  warning which states that another party is using that account (unless that account permits multiple logons).


What container information can I see?

The maximum history a user can see is 12 months and the user is limited to viewing only the five most recent events. Event types include:

  • Gate In (container arrives into CTO);
  • Gate Out (container leaves CTO);
  • Load (confirmed loaded on vessel);
  • Discharge (confirmed discharged from vessel); and
  • On Board Vessel (shown for imports once a shipping line reports the impending arrival notice).

Empty containers do not display in search result using this service.

Note: for users who are container owners — more information than is outlined above will be displayed when searching for your own container/s.


How do I obtain a Direct Debit Request Form (DDR) to complete my registration?

You will be sent a direct debit request form (DDR) via email, by our help desk upon completion of the online registration.  If you need one and haven’t received it, call 1300 881 055.


What should I do if I sent a PRA for the wrong container number?

If your PRA has already been accepted by the terminal, then you will need to send a cancellation PRA. Once the cancellation has been accepted by the terminal, then you can send a PRA for the correct container.

If your PRA has been rejected, you don't have to send a cancellation PRA. You can send a PRA for the correct container.


What does ‘A PRA has been submitted for this container in the last 7 days’ mean?

When submitting a PRA via the 1-Stop Gateway, some users may receive the above warning.

This is a warning message to let you know that a PRA has been submitted by you or someone in your organisation in the last seven days.  You can choose to continue by clicking ‘Ignore Warnings and send to terminal’ to submit your PRA.


Where can I get a copy of a paper ERA when there are system disruptions?

In the event that there are service disruptions at 1-Stop or the stevedores, you may be asked to present a paper ERA for manual processing. For a copy of the paper ERA, go to the 1-Stop website and navigate to the FAQs. Find the FAQ with the same title as this one; a downloadable document is attached.  Simply download and print, then fill in the appropriate fields and take it to your terminal.

NOTE: This is ONLY to be used when the terminals or 1-Stop advises via email that they will accept paper ERAs.  In normal circumstances, all PRAs should be electronic.

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