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General data inquiries include vessel and container reports which provide information about the vessels and containers the carrier needs to be able to complete bookings using the VBS.

Container search

The ‘Container Search’ link provides detailed information for a specific container.

Click on ‘Container Search’ under ‘General Reports’ in the facility menu.

Enter the container number in the search field

Click the ‘Search’ button.

This will open the Container Search screen for the specified container and includes the ability to pay any storage owed. 

The sections below show detail differences between export and import container searches. Both searches show that these containers have been successfully confirmed to bookings by their Booking Ref number.

Container search — import

The Container Search — Import screen is as follows.

Container search — export

The Container Search — Export screen is as follows.

Vessel schedule

The Vessel Schedule page provides information on the arrival and departure times of vessels calling at VBS associated facilities within Australia.

Go to the ‘Vessel Schedule’ link under ‘General Data’ in the main menu.

The page returns data pre-sorted by ETA It is also possible to sort the list, if required, by the following criteria.

  • Actual Arrival
  • ETA
  • ETD
  • Shipping Line
  • Lloyds Number
  • Vessel Name
  • Voyage Number Inbound
  • Voyage Number Outbound

Choose the search criteria. Choose whether list is to be displayed ascending or descending. Click the ‘Sort’ button.

Use the ‘Print’ button if a hard copy is required.

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