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Changes in this release

Receive a response when an unregistered credit card payment is cancelled


When a non-registered client attempts to make a payment in the Compay system and then cancel the payment, they will now receive a response with the correct status of the transaction.  

If the transaction is cancelled, the response within the Process Details will display as "Payment is cancelled".


A new page for Company Master Administrator to update credit card details


Currently when a company need to change/ update any credit card information, they are requested to fill a DDR form and send it to 1-Stop so that the 1-Stop administrator can do the update. With this release, we would provide a new page where the company master administrator will be able to update the credit card details themselves on behalf of the company.

New "My account" page will be included within the Administration menu section. This consists of 6 sections. 

  1. Company Details - Displays company details provided to 1-Stop in read-only mode.
  2. Payable Account Details - Display Approved, Default payable account details provided to 1-Stop in read-only mode.
  3. Credit Card Details - Display a list of all registered credit cards. This section will allow the Administrator to enter new credit cards and delete any outdated/ expired cards. Further details provided below.
  4. Operating Account details - Display operating account details provided to 1-Stop in read-only mode.
  5. Dual Authorisation - Dual authorisation details provided to 1-Stop will be displayed in read-only mode.
  6. Pay Anyone- Indicate whether the company has authorised to pay anyone and if so, the maximum amount that can be paid. This information will also, be displayed in read-only mode.

Credit card details section would display all credit cards added by 1-Stop Master Admin and Company admin. Clicking "Add credit card" button will navigate the user to Westpac's QuickWeb page. User can then enter their credit card details and click add card to save the card. Once registered, Westpac will return the supplied masked credit card number and registration token. Administrator will be able to see the new credit card in the list.

Administrator can simply remove a credit card by clicking delete adjacent to the credit card record.


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