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  1. Go to and click on ComPay Login. A new page will appear

  2. Click on "Click here to make a credit card payment without registering" as per Print Screen Shot below

  3. Select Company to be paid, from the Client drop down box in the Payee Details section. The Client Number and Client Name will automatically populate.

    E.g. If you are paying for your MSIC, you will select 1-Stop Connections. If you are paying Storage, you will need to scroll down the list and find the Terminal you are to pay.

  4. Select payment Type eg: INVOICE, STORAGE DEL ORDER

    For MSIC/General Invoice Payment select – INVOICE

    For Container Storage select – STORAGE

    IMPORTANT: Ensure you click on ADD LINE ITEM

  5. Invoice Option – The fields are not mandatory, this is more for the payer and payee’s reference for allocation of payment. Below are examples for MSIC and general Invoice and what information will be shown.

    MSIC Payment

    General Invoice

  6. Storage Option - Enter your container number and the date of pickup and then click calculate cost. The amount of Storage that is owing will be automatically displayed.

* ComPay will clear storage in system automatically (should take between 10-30 minutes)

Ensure your email address is active and current as the remittance advice will be sent there.


Once you have added your line/s to pay and email address,  click on "Next" button to proceed to payment page.


7. Enter all details in the following payment page and click "Submit".


8. Review and confirm all the details you entered in the previous step. If anything is incorrect, click "Back" to go to the previous screen.


9. You will view the following payment receipt in the screen if your payment is successful.


You will receive the payment receipt in your email as well.

For Transaction fees & Credit card processing fees, please refer the following page: 



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