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  • How to cancel a direct debit payment
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You can cancel the debit card payment before the settlement time (3:15pm Eastern Standard Time). To do so, click on 'Cancel Payment' located under 'Payments' in the Main Menu. You'll be taken to the screen below.

Request a payment cancellation

Click on 'Search' to show the debit card payments.

The transactions are displayed in two sessions. The payments you paid to others displayed under 'Payable Transactions'. The payments you will receive from others are displayed under 'Receivable Transactions'. You can request a cancellation for both.


To cancel a payment, click on 'Cancel' under the Action column. You will need to provide the cancellation reason and enter your password to proceed.

An email will be sent to the other party to review your cancellation request. And you are copied in the email.

If you search at the cancel payment screen, you will see the  'Cancellation Status'  is now Pending. And no action is required by you.

Review a cancellation request


When you receive an email to review a cancellation, click on the  'Here' link takes you to the cancel payment screen in ComPay.

The Action column will display a  'Review' button.  

Click on 'Review' takes you to review the cancellation request. You can approve or reject the request.


Go back to the cancel payment screen, the cancellation status will display your review result - Approved or Rejected. And no action required. 


If you approve the cancellation, a cancellation approved email will be sent to both parties involved in the payment. The payment is now cancelled.

If you don't want to approve the cancellation, you can reject it. Then, a cancellation rejected email will be sent to both parties involved in the payment.  The payment will be processed as normal.


Cancellation request not reviewed

If your cancellation request is not reviewed, we will send a missed payment email to both parties after settlement time.

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