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The Daily Settlements report reviews all payable and receivable transactions generated for the business on a particular day or date range. When combined with your company's bank statement, the daily settlement report provides the ideal tool for reconciling the trading activities of the business for that day.

To run a Daily Settlements report do the following.

Go to 'Reports' from the Main Menu on the left hand side of the ComPay screen. Click on 'Daily Settlements'.

Enter the dates directly or use the calendar buttons to enter the date or date range you wish to view and click the 'View Report' button.

Once the search criteria have been submitted, an aggregated summary of the amount due by direct credit and the amount paid out via direct debit is presented for the date(s) entered. A third column shows a net figure representing the total value of all transactions authorised within ComPay for that day. To view the individual transaction details for a specific day, click on the hyperlinked date and you will be shown the detailed Report.


The Daily Settlement Report is presented in the same manner as the Authorise Payments screen.

The Daily Authorisation Summary shows the total value of transactions that have been authorised by your business for payment (the Payables).

The Summary also shows the total value of transactions that have been authorised by other businesses for payments to your business, (the Receivables). The Receivables summary also separates out any other amounts of other payments receivable. Each amount will appear separately on your Bank Statement.

For further information on how to reconcile your bank statements with ComPay payments, see Appendix 4 — How to reconcile your bank statement with ComPay.


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