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How to add your Truck Drivers and Trucks

Truck Drivers

A Driver must be added to the Truck Drivers list to be able to be used on a Booking.

From inside the Manifest section, select “Truck Drivers”.












This will bring you to the below Truck Drivers List


How to add a Truck Driver

Select “Add Truck” to show the Add Driver popup.



Minimum fields required to “Add” a Truck Driver =

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Drivers Licence

Once these details have been entered, then the Driver can be successfully added.


Then the new Truck Driver is now available in the “Truck Drivers” list.


How to Edit or Delete a Truck Driver    

Edit or Delete is available from the “Actions” tab.

Below is the edit Truck Driver screen.

When Edit is complete, “Save” will update the Truck Driver record as shown below.


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