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The user can create new redirection for containers of a specific type through this module. In order to access the Redirection page, the user should click on top menu "Container Management", then select "Redirection" option.


In the Redirection page, click on "New" button at the top right corner of the page.


The Redirection Entry page will be displayed where the user can define more details about the redirection including:

Enter the Container Type

After that, complete the 

  • Customer
  • Time period for this redirection
  • Destination park for this redirection
  • Comments

After clicking the Save button the system will ask the user to Confirm the Re-Direction.


Click on Yes to proceed with the Re-Direction.  


Now that Re-Direction is created, any booking that is made for a similar container type for that shipping line with the 'from' facility will show error message in VBS Booking screen.