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Carriers can make bookings for time slots in order to move containers to the facility (for drop-offs) or collect containers from facilities (for pick-ups). 

Click on the ‘Book’ link in the Main Menu - shown under the 'Bookings' section. 


In order to book slots, you must first search for them.  You’ll be directed to the Search Book Slots screen. 

Search Book Slots Screen

Refer to Search Book Slots Screen

Book Slots screen

Refer to Book slots screen

Booking Result Screen

Refer to Booking Result Screen

Booking Summary

Refer to Booking Summary

Edit Drop Off Booking Details

Within this screen, you can List, Clear and Attach booking details to your booking reference.

When you enter the Release Number the 'Release Number' field and press the tab key or move your cursor out of that field, the Container type will automatically be filled in based on details that are provided by Shipping Line/Container Park customers.

Enter the relevant details and then press the Confirm button.