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The user can view recent redirections through the Active section of the Redirections page.

Search Results

Global search Field: 

Global search is available on table headers to provide a quick approach to search the data within the table. The user should type-in the desired keywords and the system will search the table for matching records.

Column Search Field:

Table columns provide another search option for users. The user can fill in search keyword in the column header and the system will filter the data populated in the table and show only the matching records.


The user will be able to view an existing redirection in the Redirections page by selecting "View Details" option from the "More" column. Alternatively, The user can double-click on the desired record.

The user will be forwarded to the Redirections Entry screen 

To go back, please click on the Back screen.


Alternatively, The user can search for Inactive redirections made during a specific period of time through the Inactive section of the same page, where a date period could be specified.



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