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What is MSIC?

The 1-Stop MSIC web application allows users to apply online for a Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC) which will provide them with unescorted access within a maritime security zone.

The 1-Stop MSIC web application is also extended to Companies and Stevedore who will be provided with the functionality to manage the process of MSIC applications of their employees as well as pay for their applications using the 1-Stops Online Payment System - ComPay

Who uses the MSIC?

There are essentially 3 types of users who will utilize the Online MSIC Website:

Single Applicants - Individuals who require a combined MSIC & Access card, or just an Access card and who will be paying for their own application.

Company (Admin) – Companies who would like to manage the process of applications of their employees.

Stevedores (Admin) – Stevedores include Patricks, DP World and AAT. Like the ‘Companies’, Stevedores will also be able to manage the process of applications of their employees

Each type of user will have a different process in registering and also the type of information that will be available to them when they log into the system. The following sections will provide a summary regarding the registration and the application process for single applicants only

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