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To access the 1-Stop MSIC Website, just go to  


There are 3 types of cards that you can apply for:

  • MSIC & Access card: If you require a dual purpose card: electronic terminal access and MSIC.
  • Access only: If you already have a MSIC which was not issued by 1-Stop and requires access to Stevedores: Patricks, DP World or AAT.
  • MSIC only: If you require a MSIC but don't need access to the Stevedores. This option is not available at the moment but will be available soon. 

1) To apply for a card, just click on 'Apply Now' for the appropriate card you need. If you change your mind during the application process, you can change it any time before you pay for the application.   


2) When you click on 'Apply now', you will be asked to enter your name and date of birth so that we can check if your account already exist. 

Click 'Check' button once you're done.


TIP: You can enter your date of birth manually or select the date from the calendar



3) If you already have a MSIC account with us, we will alert you. 

From here you can log in or click on the link - 'Have you forgotten your username & password' if you have forgotten your login details.

Alternatively click on 'Click here to try again' link if you have accidentally entered the wrong details.



4) If you do not have an account with us, you will see the below pop-up.

We will create a free account for you so that you can access and track your application at any time.

Enter a username and a password and select where you would like us to send your username & password details to.

Click on 'Continue to application' once you're done.

This will start the application process. Just follow the prompts.

If you need more information on each page, just click here: 






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