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Logging in

The 1-Stop MSIC website can be accessed from the main 1-Stop homepage ( or directly through the MSIC website 

The 1-Stop MSIC main index page provides the first point of introduction to apply for a card. Important notices such as outages will be posted on this page.


You are issued with a username and password when you first apply for a card. Once you have your username and password you can log onto 1-Stop MSIC website at any time to update or check  your application, your profile as well as sites that you have access to. 

To log into your account, just go to the login box at the top right corner or click on the 'Log into account link'. You will be prompted to enter your username and password. 



If you have forgotten your username or password just click on the 'Forgotten password' link and we will re-issue your username and reset your password.  

Alternatively you can call 1-Stop Customer Service on 1300 881 055 and follow the MSIC prompts.

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