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Bug fixes in this release

Proof of ID - screen clears when user selects different ID type


Full Description

In the Proof Of ID Page, when the primary or secondary document type is changed such as from Passport to Birth Certificate, the details on the screen would still show previously entered passport information for the Birth Certificate.  We have fixed the issue now so that users have to re-enter the details. It will help users to avoid saving the incorrect information accidentally.


Proof of ID - no longer showing expiration warning to cardholders 


Full Description

MSIC cardholders were shown the warning: "One of your ID documents has expired or about to expire within 2 weeks. You need to provide a different ID document." when they logged in and their IDs expiration date was close.  This caused confusion to the user and some thought that they needed to update their ID but they actually couldn't (fields were greyed out).  We have fixed the issue now so that the warning message doesn't appear.


Previous address - new error message shows when a date is missing in the previous addresses list


Full Description

The current address section does not have "To Date" field, but in the previous addresses section, the "To Date" field is present and is mandatory.  Unfortunately, our program would indicate an error for the field in the current address section if the field in the previous address section was blank.

We have fixed the issue so that the field with missing info is highlighted, with this accompanying message: "There is a date gap between your addresses. Click on 'Change' button to add a new address or update the dates of your addresses."


Company Admins - filenames with apostrophe accepted


Full Description

Company admins can now upload filenames with an apostrophe in them.  This includes Stevedore admins too.


Changes in this release


Application Lodgements - now at both non-EIS and EIS post office outlets


Full Description

We implemented a new feature in Oct 2014: Applicants could lodge an application at an EIS-enabled Post Office outlet across Australia, who would take a photo of the applicant.  The cost of that photo is absorbed in the cost of the MSIC.  One limitation of this new feature was that participating outlets are in close proximity to container terminals. 


This limitation restricted current MSIC holders from renewing with 1-Stop since some had to travel very far just to lodge the form.  Another outcome was to do with the introduction of the MSIC Only card feature.  Considering that the purchasers of these cards are not near container terminals and thus EIS-enabled outlets, there are potential areas where it won't be convenient for an applicant to go to an EIS enabled outlet. 


To facilitate such applicants, and in conjunction with Aust Post, we have modified our program so that users to lodge our applications at non-EIS post office outlets if there is no EIS outlet nearby. 


Renewals - we now prompt whether an applicant was known by another name


Full Description

People who used to have a preferred name were forgetting to put their other names in at the time of renewal.  This in turn led to rejections by Auscheck because the renewal application didn't match the original one.  And then this meant that the applicant would have to do - and pay for! - the application again.

To prevent this scenario, there is now a new drop-down list which asks whether a user had been known by another name.  If the application chooses 'Yes', then MSIC will display the other name section, otherwise it will not display the other name section.


Company/IB admin users can now update the card type for an application


Full Description

IB/Company applicants who are paying for the card themselves will be able to select a different card type (same as single applicants) before payment is made.

For IB/Company or Stevedore/Site applicants where the admin will pay for the card, they will not be able to select a different card type (as per existing functionality).


Note: If the other IB's MSIC is about to expire within 90 days, instead of allowing the cardholder to renew their access card with us, we will display the warning: "Your MSIC will expire in 3 months or less. If you buy an Access Card now, it will also expire when your MSIC does. Please contact your site admin to apply for our combined MSIC & Access card instead."


Print form - website will then show the next steps


Full Description

When applicants print their form, they were being prompted to either stay logged in or log out.  This wasn't very helpful, because applicants would call the helpdesk to ask what happens next.

So now MSIC will display the next steps after the user prints the form.  The following new information will be displayed:  

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