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Changes in this release

MSIC credit payment page is replaced to Westpac hosted page

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Full description

As part of a previous release, we modified the way in which payments using credit cards are done within ComPay. Currently, all credit card payments use a web interface provided by Westpac Quickweb.

With this release, we have implemented the same interface for all credit card payments made within MSIC. When completing a payment for an MSIC application, users will now be prompted with the new link where they will be able to proceed with the payment or update the details of the CC.

This change applies for both ad-hoc and registered users making credit card payments.

Once the user finalise the details and click through to access payment page, following page will be displayed.  This page would display the total amount that the user is about to pay and user can enter his/her credit card details and click submit to complete the payment. We allow Visa, Mastercard and Diner card payments.  Once the payment is complete, user can provide an email address to receive payment receipt.  

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