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Changes in this release

Enhance integration between ComPay and MSIC replacements


Full Description

An MSIC replacement that is paid for using ComPay, will now be updated in the MSIC system with the payment details and will set the payment status to paid. Any replacement reminder emails will have a direct link to ComPay with all the default details pre-filled.

Discretionary approvals can now be issued for the full term of a card


Full Description

The period of issue for a discretionary approval will start from AusCheck's Decision Date up to the full term allowed for a card. This was previously restricted to 1 year from the decision date. The expiry date will still be based on Section 6.08C of the Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Regulations.

Changes to the frequency and timing of renewal reminders


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Renewal reminders for all card types will now be sent to the card holder 90 days before the card's expiry. Reminders for administrators will be sent on the 1st and 15th of every month with a list of all the names and cards that are due to expire within 90 days. The change also addresses some inconsistencies that existed where some reminders were not sent consistently.

Deletion of MSIC records to comply with the regulations


Full Description

Section 6.08U of the Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Regulations requires an Issuing Body to retain MSIC records related to an application for a period of 3 years after the background decision date. All application data that meets this criteria will now get deleted along with archive data, and this will be done by a scheduled service.

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