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Bug fixes in this release

Access Card applicants will now get a warning before their renewal starts


Full Description

Access Card applicants will now receive a warning if their MSIC expires in less than 3 months, to prevent the possibility of obtaining an access card that will expire in only a few months.  Applicants will instead be presented with options such as applying for the combined MSIC+Access Card.


Improved validation for the Address fields


Full Description

Two issues with the address fields have been fixed:

a) When a country other than Australia is selected, then the State drop down box becomes disabled

b) The Postcode field is now only mandatory for Australian addresses.


Company Admin password reset now working


Full Description

When a Company admin uses the password reset feature, the system was previously searching for similar usernames instead of an exact match. Eg, if user 'gavdan' was used in the password reset screen, the system couldn't find that user. This has now been fixed that the system will find the exact username that is entered. 


Applicants can now easily edit their application after clicking the 'Change Details' button


Full Description

If an applicant wanted to change their application information, they would need to log on and click on 'Change Details'.  The problem was that if the application had already been printed, the information would be greyed out and not capable of being changed. 

There was a way to get around this but it was a bit complicated and time consuming, and not easy to figure out without calling the helpdesk.

We've fixed this so that once the applicant hits 'Change Details', they can change their details straight away.



Address suggestion box will disappear after a selection is made


Full Description

When the address suggestion box appeared, it remained on the screen even after the 'Save' button was clicked. This caused confusion so it's been fixed and disappears at the appropriate time.


Changes in this release

Card will not be deactivated if the applicant does not receive the Follow-up Background Check email reminder 


Full Description

1-Stop sends out an email to cardholders, letting them know when a Follow-up Background Check is required and what to do.  If the notice can't be sent out, our system would mark the card as inactive but this will no longer be the case.  Cards will remain active.


At least one of your IDs must contain your photo


All applications are now required to have at least one proof of ID that has a photo. This allows the Australia Post representative to verify the applicant's identity.

1-Stop's MSIC system will now do a check to make sure that the documents used in the application has a photo.

So if the applicant has selected a primary ID such as Citizenship Certificate or a Birth certificate, then for secondary IDs, the system will only allow an ID with a photo such as Drivers License, Government Employee ID or an Australian student ID.  For Tertiary IDs, we'll only allow a Proof of Identification document.


MSIC Password Reset Enhancement


Full Description

The process of resetting the password has now been updated to be more secure and usable, including:

  • Users can now reset their passwords by using their previous Card number if they have not collected their latest card
  • Users can now log in using their previous Card number if they have not collected their latest card
  • Passwords are now case sensitive
  • The password reset email has been improved so that users are no longer prompted for their current temporary password (the use of "current" and "temp" passwords confused users)


Enhance the Track MSIC Application Status to show existing card and new card status 


Full Description

The "Track MSIC Application Status" page will now display the status of the existing card and the new card (if the user is renewing or replacing a card). Previously it only displayed the status of the existing card.


Send an SMS/Email Status update for applications that have been in Background Checking stage for more than 10 days


Full Description

Our helpdesk receives calls from applicants who want to know the progress of their application.  Oftentimes, we find that it's because their application is still with the background checking partners, and has been there for longer than the average amount of time. 

So as a proactive measure we will now send an SMS & email notification to users if the application is still with Auscheck (for background-checking) for more than 10 days.

This will be a friendly advice that the background checking is still in progress and we hope that it will reduce calls to the helpdesk.






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