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Bug fixes in this release

ID - Names can be entered in any order


Full Description

Applicants will be able to enter the First, Middle or Last names in any order, as long as those are the names match what's been entered in the Personal Details page.  However, when it comes time to lodge the form, Aust Post will check all documents and match it against what's been entered into the application.  If it doesn't match the order, then they will reject the application. 

Webpage will display without error when it has missing information


Full Description

If a page has mandatory information missing then the page will load with blank details and allow the user to edit/update the blank fields without displaying an error message.


Navigating between pages with missing details will prompt for information


Full Description

During an application a user can navigate between pages and if any of the mandatory fields have a blank value then the page will not display an error.  Instead the page will just have blank values and applicants will be required to fill those details in to proceed to the next page.

Work Rights check - Exclude New Zealand citizens


Full Description

There are two fixes pertaining to country of origin:

  1. New Zealand citizens will no longer have a work rights check conducted as this is not required based on Special Category Visa (Subclass 444)
  2. All dropdown lists of countries are now sorted alphabetically


MissingInfo page no longer validates ABN


Full Description

The validation of ABN for Company and Stevedore applicants on the MissingInfo page has now been disabled to allow users to proceed to the Profile page without modifying the ABN.


"Have you been known by other name?" dropdown default value will be blank


Full Description

When completing a new application the Personal Details page asks whether an applicant has been known by another name.  The default value for this field will be blank so that applicants are forced to select something.



Changes in this release

Access Card applicants no longer required to provide at least 10 years address history


Full Description

No background check is required for Access Card applicants since this is just a swipe card for entry into DP World, Patrick, Hutchison or AAT.  Our MSIC system was prompting for this information unnecessarily so we removed it. 


Allow other Issuing Body MSIC number to be used for resetting a password


Full Description

Access Card holders can now use the MSIC number from their Issuing Body as part of the authentication process when resetting their MSIC account password via both the web and phone.


Card Renewal reminders to be sent to mobile phones


Full Description

All card holders now get an email and/or SMS reminder to renew their card, based on the notification options specified by the applicant.  If the card holder has an administrator managing their MSIC/Access applications then an email will also be sent to the admin as a reminder for all applicants belonging to their company or site.

The message reads: "Your MSIC is expiring soon. Renew it by going into Click on forgot password for login details. Need help? call 1300881055"


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