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Bug fixes in this release

Inductions - Improved error handling when connecting to Cloud SCORM


Full Description

The MSIC inductions live in another website/system called SCORM.  Whenever an MSIC user goes to the inductions, our system is actually connecting to SCORM. 

If for any reason we are unable to connect to the SCORM induction platform, then the following message will be displayed "This service is not available at this time. Please do your inductions later".


User Registration - the correct card number prefix is generated for Stevedore applicants


Full Description

We administer MSICs on behalf of some Stevedores, who are in their own right, an Issuing Body.  This means that although the cards come from us, the Stevedores cards are prefixed with their own Issuing Body Code: DPW for DP World, PAT for Patrick, etc.  Each Stevedore has a company admin, and several Sites.  Each site has a Site Admin.  The Site Admins are responsible for managing their staff's applications.

We had an issue where the Site Admin was registering applicant in the MSIC system but getting the wrong card number prefixes.  We've corrected this so that the prefix now matches with the Issuing Body Code of the Stevedore.


Forgot Password - Applicants can now use an Access Card number to reset a password


Full Description

To reset a password, users are required to enter either card number, email address or mobile number. The card number field will now accept Access Cards in addition to MSIC numbers.


MissingInfo - details saved even if employer address is missing


Full Description

The MissingInfo page will not require the employer address to be completed before saving any other details specified on the page.


Stevedore Applicant Renewals - Application Review info displayed


Full Description

When a Stevedore applicant renews their MSIC, the Site Admin will need to approve the renewal request before the applicant can finalise their application.  This information will be shown to the applicant at the Post Office & Payment page.


Changes in this release

Stevedore and Company applicants can now change their employer


Full Description

Stevedore and Company applicants have an option on the Work details page and on the Post Office & Payment page to change their employer. This can only be done once the background check has been approved as well as during a renewal application.


Inductions - the Test will be launched automatically after completing the Course


Full Description

For applicants who need to do inductions, they have to take the course as well as complete the test.  This means that users have to click the course button, and then the test button.  Some users weren't aware of this, so now as soon as they complete an induction course and close the induction window, we will automatically launch the test for them.  Hopefully this makes it a better experience and remove any misunderstandings of the induction requirements.


Application - a softer approach to the Criminal Offense question


Full Description

Instead of directly asking the applicant if they have committed a criminal offense at the start of the application, we will display the following message when an applicant selects the 4 year card option "If you have a criminal offense record, we recommend that you apply for the 2 year card as you may not be entitled for the full 4 years when we do a background check"


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