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What is Self Service?

Self Service is a feature of 1-Stop's website that means you can manage your own information, such as contact details and passwords. 


Why is Self Service used?

Self Service gives you quick and easy access to screens to update your company and personal information.

It means you can do all this yourself without having to call our Helpdesk.


Who uses Self Service?

All 1-Stop users have access to Self Service.

Users can:

  • change personal information;
  • change passwords;
  • change language.


Additionally, for each company that uses our services, at least one user will be assigned the role of "Organisation Administator" or Org Admin.   Org Admins have extra capability in the Self Service, and can:

  • change the personal information of people in their company as well as their own;
  • change other  peoples’ passwords as well as their own;
  • grant access to services by attributing ‘roles’ to their users;
  • activate or deactivate people's accounts;
  • lock or unlock people's accounts; and
  • add new users.


The Organisation Administrator can also view how many access roles are left in their service license and on what date their service will need to be renewed.

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