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How do I change Organisation Administrators?

Org Admin access can be granted to any person that has a user account. 

First, if the new admin doesn't have a user account yet, create one.  Then send an email to us or log a support ticket to advise that the admin needs to be updated.  Be sure to provide the new user account (as well as the old one).  We'll get to it and let you know once it's done.


My account is locked, how do I unlock it?

User accounts get locked when an incorrect password is used too many times. To unlock it, you can:

  • Use the Forgotten Password page to reset the password (this will also unlock it)
  • Contact your Organisation Administrator, who has access to unlock and reset your password


I have forgotten my password, how do I obtain a new one?

You can get a new password from the Forgotten Password page. Just enter your username and follow the prompts.


I can't login and my new password has been sent to the incorrect email address, how can I update it?

You will need to contact your Organisation Administrator to have the email address updated.  Your administrator can then change your password, which can be emailed to you.

If you are not sure who your administrator is, or if they are unavailable, you can contact us for assistance.


What does 'multiple logon' warning mean?

Our services are meant to be used by individual users, with their own user accounts.  For security and compliance reasons, user accounts are not to be shared.

So if two people log on using the same user account, our website will detect this.  Either person may receive the warning which states that another party is using that account and they may be automatically logged out. 

Please note that we become aware of these warnings too and may contact you to discuss.


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