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  • To Copy an Existing Consist Message
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Users can ‘copy’ an existing message. Basically any submitted messages can be templates which can be copied to create a new Train Consist with the container numbers removed but the train configuration retained to facilitate ease of data entry.

This is particularly useful if the same train configuration is used quite often.


Step 1: Search the consist you want to copy from

Fill out the search criteria on the Search Screen and click on ‘Search’.  This will return a list of consist messages matching your search criteria.

Click "Copy" link of the selected consist

  • This will bring up the train details screen first.
  • You will need to enter a new train service number and new dates and update any fields as required.
  • Once you’ve completed the details, click on Save to continue.

  • This should bring up the full consist with the new train details.
  • It should list all the wagon numbers and classes of the original message that you copied but without the container numbers. 

Step 3: Add Containers

  • Add the containers to the slots in the wagons. 
  • You may also add new wagons or remove wagons from the consist. 
  • You may see some wagoins do not have length and tare weight values. This is because, we do not have those wagon master data. once you enter the values for the first time, they will get added to the wagon master data so you do not have to enter them again.  

Step 5: Submit Consist

Once all the required data has been entered, Click on ‘Submit to Terminal’ to submit the message.




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