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What is the VBS? 

The VBS (Vehicle Booking System) is a web-based online slot booking system designed for facilities to organise the receipt and delivery of shipping containers.

The 1-Stop VBS platform can be used at the following Patrick, DP World and Axis facilities around Australia and New Zealand:

  • Fremantle – DP World and Patricks Terminals;
  • Fisherman Islands – DP World and Patrick Terminals;
  • Port Botany – DP World and Patrick Terminals; Patrick Cargolink
  • Swanson Docks – Patrick Terminals; and
  • Port of Auckland – Fergusson Terminal.

Who uses the VBS?

Carriers utilise the VBS to create bookings in any of the 24 Time Zones (per day) to transport containers to and from the facilities and are provided with menus to facilitate this process.

Facility operators administer the service.

Australian Customs Services and Australian Quarantine information Services use parts of the VBS to view container and vessel movements around the ports.

Empty container parks use the service for the Stack Run module (to organise the movement of groups of containers)

About 1-Stop

Page: About 1-StopPage: Customer system requirementsPage: Terms of usePage: General dataPage: Import/Export dataPage: Container ISO-CodesPage: Terminal CodesPage: GlossaryPage: Where to get help

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