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Accessing the Stack Run Screen

Click the 'Stack Run Request' link under the Stack Run section in the main menu.

Select the "SRI Full" tab to access the Stack Run Out Module and to view the Dashboard.

The Stack Run Screen allows you to:

  • Create a new Stack Run In Full request
  • View an existing Stack Run In Full request
  • Update, delete or reject an existing request (with some conditions applied)


Stack Run In Full Dashboard

The Stack Run Screen includes the following:

There is a dashboard displaying all Stack Run In Full (SRI Full) requests to the CTO user. Each SRI Full will be displayed as a bar on the Chart to indicate when it begins and when it ends. 

With each Stack Run the following details will be displayed:

  • Stack Run ID
  • Size
  • Carrier
  • Vessel


You can click on the Stack Run ID or Bar in the dashboard to view the Stack Run Details.

The following screenshot displays the SRI Full dashboard:

The SRI Full dashboard will display the Day, Date and zones (0-23).

There will always be 3 days shown in the dashboard. Users will have the ability to move forwards or backwards 1 day at a time, but the first calendar day displayed on the dashboard will always default to the current facility date.

SRI Full requests will be displayed with a status:

  • Pending – The ERN request has not been authorised by the Administrator. Manifesting cannot proceed until it has been confirmed
  • Waiting for Confirmation - The SRI Full request has been confirmed by the CTO but is awaiting a MSG response from the facility's system to confirm the SRI Full. 
  • Confirmed – The SRI Full request has been authorised by the Administrator successfully and manifesting against the SRI Full can proceed
  • Rejected – The CTO has rejected the request
  • Error - The facility's system has returned an error response.

The following colours represent the different SRI Full statuses:

SRI Full Status

Status Colour

SRI Full Fields Editable?
Pending (New Stack Run Created)Yes
Pending (View ERN)Yes
Waiting for ConfirmationNo
ConfirmedOnly by CTO and SYS
ErrorOnly by CTO and SYS


The Stack Run In Full Request Form

The Stack Run In Full Request form is displayed differently depending on the SRI Full status

New / Pending SRI Full Request form

The form below is displayed when the New Stack Run link is clicked, or when a pending SRI Full request is viewed.

This Stack Run In Full Request Form is used to create a new Stack Run Request or update an existing request to the Stack Run.

The Stack Run In Full Request Form allows you to:

  • Create a new Stack Run In Full request
  • View an existing SRI Full request
  • Update, delete, confirm or reject an existing SRI Full Request.


Confirmed SRI Full Request form

When a Stack Run In Full is confirmed, clicking on the Stack Run ID OR the progress bar for that Stack Run will display the following form:

When a SRI Full is Confirmed, the Stack Run In Full Request Form is used to assign and prioritise containers to the Stack Run.

The Stack Run In Full Request Form allows you to:

  • Add Containers
  • Sort Containers
  • Lock the container priority order - Container orders cannot be changed
  • Lock the SRI Full Request from manifesting - no new containers can be added and the SRI Full cannot be manifested
  • Manifest Limit - View the maximum number of containers that can be manifested per zone for the stack run


Creating a new Stack Run In Full Request

A SRI Full request can be broken up into two parts;

  1. Creating a SRI Full request - This must be confirmed before containers can be added to the SRI Full
  2. Adding containers to the SRI Full Request. All containers must be added before manifesting can begin on the SRI Full

Part 1 - Creating a new SRI Full Request

Open up to the Stack Run In Full dashboard.

Click the New Stack Run buttton. This will open up the SRI Full request form.

Complete the Stack Run In Full Request Form.

and click the Save or Confirm button.

Note: the Request must be Confirmed before it can progress any further

Specifying the Manifest Start Date/Time and Manifest End Date/Time

When confirming a Stack Run, the terminal can specify when manifesting can begin and when it must stop, these dates/times are displayed in the Stack Run request form and cannot be edited:

The Manifest Start Date and time dictates when Manifesting can begin. Manifesting cannot start until the local facility date and time is equal to the date and time specified in this field.

The Manifest End Date and time dictates when Manifesting must stop. Once the local facility time has passed the Manifest End Date and Time, Manifesting will no longer be allowed for that Stack Run.

Specified Container Details 

When requesting a SRI Full, you can enter specific container details. While these are optional fields, the terminal may require you to enter them before they will confirm your request. If container details are specified, it means all containers added to the SRI Full must have the same details that were specified in the request. This will be validated when the containers are added.

The following container details may be specified:

  • Commodity
  • Size
  • Vessel
  • First Discharge Port
    • Minimum weight 
    • Maximum weight

Part 2 - Adding Containers to a Confirmed SRI Full

Once a Stack Run In Full Request has been confirmed, you may begin to add containers to the SRI Full request.

Follow the below steps to access an existing Stack Run In Full Request from the Calendar.

  1. Open the SRI Full dashboard. Click on the Stack Run ID of a Confirmed SRI Full. This will open up the SRI Full Request Form.
  2. Click the Add Container button. This will open up a pop-up to paste a list of containers into.
  3. Paste the containers into pop-up window and click add. Multiple containers can be separated by comma, semi-colon, space or return carriage. 
    The sequence order that the containers are pasted is the priority order that the containers will take on. 
  4. Click the refresh button to update the status of the containers added. VBS will validate to ensure the containers added have an existing PRA. If no PRA exists, then the container will have an error in the status. 
  5. Once all containers have been added, the SRI Full setup is complete. You may continue on to manifesting by clicking the Manifest button.


The SRI Full Container List

As containers are added to the SRI Full Request, a list of containers will appear in the SRI Full Request form as seen below.

When all the required number of containers have been assigned to the Stack Run In Full, then manifesting can begin.

To check the validation progress and the vessel details of each container, click on Refresh button next to the status column.

The Refresh button will fetch the corresponding ISO, Weight, Vessel Name, Lloyds, Voyage, and Status (Validation status) of the container.

If the container Status is in Error, you can pass the mouse cursor over the status to display the error message description. A container will be error because it has either failed validation or there is no valid PRA for the container.

The maximum number of containers you can manifest per zone per stack run are dependent on Manifest Limit. If the "Manifest Limit" shows "No Limit", that means there is no limit for the number of containers that can be manifested per stack run per zone.


Possible validation errors include:

"No PRA exists for the container. Click link to send PRA"

"Container Vessel does not match the vessel specified in the Setup"

"Container Commodity does not match the commodity specified in the Setup"

"Container Size does not match the size specified in the Setup"

"Container First Discharge Port does not match the First Discharge port specified in the Setup"

"Container weight does not fall inside the weight range specified in the Setup"

"Commodity type is not allowed for SRI Full"

"Container is not in the Hazardous Container List"

"This container has already been used"

"This container has already been used in another Stack Run"

"This container has already been used in this Stack Run"


When containers are assigned to a Stack Run In Full, they cannot be used in any other Stack Run or VBS booking. Vice versa, a container cannot be assigned to a Stack Run if it is already booked elsewhere in VBS.

To remove any containers from the list, select the container(s) you wish to remove by ticking the select checkbox under the Select column and then clicking the Remove Selected button - this will remove the selected containers from the container list.

To email the list of containers to the specified email addresses, click on the Email List button. This button is enabled depending if the Send Email check box has been ticked (from the Stack Run In Full Request section).

Once all the required number of containers have been pre-assigned and have an OK status, you can start manifesting against the Stack Run In Full.


Sorting Containers

To set different priorities to the containers in the list, click on the allocated priority number and edit the container to the desired priority number.

The priority determines the order in which containers are listed in the container drop-down list in the Stack Run In Full Manifest screen. 

You may also sort all the containers already added in the list by pasting the containers in the correct sequence order. To do this, click the sort button.

Paste the containers in the pop-up window in the correct sequential order leaving a space or comma to separate each container. Click the Sort button. The containers will now take on their new priority based on the sequential order they were placed in.

Any containers that have already been manifested will be ignored during the sort process. Manifested containers will have their priorities pushed to the top and the sorted containers will take on the next available priority after the manifested containers.


Locking a Stack Run

A "Confirmed" Stack Run In Full request can be locked in either two ways:

  • Priority Locked
  • Manifest Locked

Priority Locked

The list of containers in the SRI Full list can be priority locked. This stops the carrier from being able to sort and change the priority order of the containers in the list.

To lock the priority of container in the SRI Full list, click the lock button next to the priority column. This lock icon will turn red to indicate the priority has been locked. To unlock, click the icon again.

While the Container priority is locked, the following rules and restrictions will apply only to Carriers:

  • Containers can NOT be sorted or have their priority changed.
  • Confirmed Containers (i.e. Status is OK) can NOT be removed. An error Message will appear if trying to remove a container "Container priority is locked. Please contact the CTO to unlock the priority or to have the container removed."
  • Containers that are not confirmed (i.e Status is Error) CAN be removed.
  • Containers CAN be added.
  • Containers CAN be Refreshed or Re-Validated.
  • Stack Run CAN be emailed, downloaded as CSV or printed.

Manifest Locked

The SRI Full Request can be locked for Manifesting. This prevents the SRI Full from being manifested. To lock the SRI Full, click the Manifest lock icon. The icon will turn red to indicate the SRI Full is locked for Manifesting.

While the Stack Run In Full is Manifest Locked, the following rules and restriction will apply only to Carriers:

  • No containers can be added
  • No containers can be manifested
  • Containers CAN be Refreshed or Re-Validated.
  • Stack Run CAN be emailed, downloaded as CSV or printed.


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