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Once the container number is entered and the booking is successfully saved, if storage is owing on the container, the storage amount will be automatically calculated and displayed.

There are two options to pay the storage owing on the container. 

  1. Pay in the Edit screen.

    You can Edit the Booking Reference in the Booking List screen and the storage amount will be shown.
    NOTE: It's a good idea to press the 'Recalculate' link to re-check the amount.
    When you press the 'Pay' link a new window will appear to pay the storage in ComPay via credit card.


2. Within the Manifest List screen you can pay storage via the Credit Card and ComPay buttons.

Credit Card - this will direct you to ComPay to pay for storage via Credit Card if you're not registered with ComPay. 

NOTE: All fields in ComPay will be pre-populated with the storage payment details.

ComPay - this will direct you to the ComPay page so you can log in and pay for storage as a registered ComPay user.


Pay by Credit Card

When you click on 'Credit Card', you'll be taken to the ComPay credit card page.  Most of the information is already filled in for you.  Only the credit card number and card holder’s details need to be entered.

Part payments can be made — however a warning message will be displayed giving the payer the new balance due. This new cost will be available when clicking the recalculate button on the Edit Booking page. (Note: the recalculate time is approx. 10 minutes from payment approval).

When paid in full, the container can be picked up from the facility.

Pay using ComPay

When you click on 'ComPay', you'll be able to log into the ComPay if you are a member.  You can then pay for storage either by credit card or direct debit from their bank account. The container and storage information won't be automatically filled in for you.

Storage values are not held continuously in the system and must be recalculated each time you enter the Booking List page.

Each facility calculates storage individually and rates may vary from one facility or stevedore to another.

The following information is required to be entered for storage payments by credit card through ComPay.

  • Card Holders Name – the name that shows on the credit card
  • Credit Card Number – the number on the credit card
  • Security Code – the three-digit number on the reverse side of the credit card. This field is optional
  • Expiry Date – the expiry date of the credit card
  • Payer Email – the email address of the payer
  • Payer Contact Phone – the main telephone contact number of the payer

The payer submits the payment and, if successful, will receive a confirmation page. The container can then be picked up from the facility.