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You can search for information about containers you've previously used. 

Click on the ‘Container Search’ link in the Main Menu - shown under the 'Bookings' section. 

Container Search

When you enter in the container number and click the Search button, the current details for that container number will appear. 

From here, you can also view any associated Hazardous document for a Drop-off Hazardous container.

If Haz Doc Attached is 'Yes', then there is a hazardous document attached to the container. Click on the 'Yes' link to view the document.


You can also calculate any storage owing by selecting the Pickup date, Zone and then clicking on 'Calculate' 

Hazardous Contact Details

You may also view the contact details associated to a Hazardous container.

A link called 'View Contacts' will appear next to the Hazardous commodity in the Container Search screen.

On click, the View Contacts link will open the following pop-up:


Out of Gauge Container Details

You can also see the Out of Gauge container's available dimensions such as Top, Left, Right, Front, Back in the Container Search screen. This section will only be displayed if the commodity code of the container is Out of Gauge.