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The Stack Run List function allows Stack Run Users to view existing Stack Run requests in a report format.

Viewing the Stack Run List Screen

Click the 'Stack Run List' link under the Stack Runs section in the main menu.

Click the "SRI Full" tab to access Stack Run In Full Module and to view the Stack Run List Screen.

The Stack Run List screen displays a list of created Stack Runs Requests and allows Carriers and Administrators to view, confirm and delete (rules apply) a Stack Run In Full Request. 

The Stack Run List is made up of two parts as show below:

  • Search Form - Form to enter the Stack Run search details.
  • Results Table - This is a table displaying the results of the Stack Run search.


Searching for Stack Runs within the Stack Run List

The following steps demonstrate how to perform a search in the Stack Run List Screen:

  1. Open the Stack Run List Screen - select the 'Stack Run List' link under the Stack Runs section in the Main Menu. Select the SRI Full Tab 
  2. Enter the search details - you may specify the following:
    • Carrier Company
    • Stack Run ID
    • From Date and To Date - This creates a search window. VBS will look at the Stack Run's start date and any Stack Run's that fall within the specified From and To Dates will be returned.
    • Vessel
    • Commodity
    • Size
    • Status
  3. Click the Search button
  4. The Stack Run List results will be displayed in a table. You may click on the Action button to View or Delete the Stack Run. You may also directly click on the Stack Run link to open up and view the SRI Full Request form.
  5. To edit the search, click on the Edit Search button in the Search Details section and re-enter the new search details and click search.
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