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NOTE: Access to the VBS is available to registered carriers only, through the 1-Stop website at . For New Zealand carriers, the access page is **

Click on the Launch option at the top of the page then select VBS from this list.

Alternatively, go to or the link provided by your terminal and login to VBS.

This will open a second browser window, the VBS landing page. 

If you are accessing a facility that utilises Modal system, you will have the ability to access the container bookings using the quick navigation button placed on the landing page.

You can access your account details (My account) and logout links via the icon at the top right corner.

Select a Facility

You will then need to select a facility from the drop-down list.

During registration, users will have made requests to access certain facilities. Approval to use the VBS is dependent upon receiving permission to access the facility from the facility operator. Carriers may need access to more than one facility in their port of operation. After logging into the system, the carrier must choose the facility they wish to book for, before accessing any menu items. You can switch facilities at any time.

The drop-down menu will display only the facilities for which approval has been granted. Once you've selected a facility, the logo will appear underneath the facility drop down list.

Facility Terms and Conditions

Each time a carrier selects a facility, they must accept that facility's Terms and Conditions before they can use the VBS menu. This is an operational requirement of the facility. You will need to read these carefully, then click I Accept.

VBS Facility Home Page

You'll be directed to the VBS facility home page for the facility you've selected.

NOTE: There may be certain differences in the menu options depending on the configuration of each facility.