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Bug Fixes in this release

Container Search - Results will show more meaningful information


  • Yard location will now be displayed if it is sent to VBS from the terminal system in the Yard Move XML.
  • If the container is in transit, the screen will display "In Transit" in the yard location. Otherwise it will display the actual yard location. (This is specific to WSIT)
  • Labels are now properly aligned for West Swanson Intermodal terminal.
Affects Terminal
All othersNo



Changes in this release

XRAY - Rebuild XRAY Manifest Screens 


The interface of the x-ray screens has been updated to look like the Manifest screens for regular bookings.  There are no changes to the business rules or functionality - all x-ray business rules still apply. 
Refer to the following guide for more info -  VBS X-Ray Customer Guide 

 X-ray Carriers only

Screenshots for booking a X-ray run:



Screenshots for the X-ray run list:

Bookings - Attach Hazardous documents to drop-off bookings


Users will be able to attach a hazardous document (multimodal dangerous goods form) to a Hazardous drop-off booking.  Note that depending on the terminal's specific requirements, a haz document may be mandatory before users can manifest the hazardous booking.


Users will also be able to be able to attach, view or delete a haz document from the Booking List screen.

Users will also be able to view the attached haz document from the Container Search screen, by clicking on the 'Yes' link. 

Refer to the following for more info on how to attach,view or delete the hazardous document - How to View and Edit Bookings

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