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Bug fixes in this release

Container Field in booking page will indicate whether it's mandatory (asterisk) or not based on the facility's rules


Full Description

The field now shows correctly whether it’s mandatory or not depending on what is set by the facility.


Booking Search: If the option Commodity is "Empty", then the Status can't be "Full"


Full Description

Searching for bookings will either be for Full or Empty containers, not both. So if commodity is selected as Empty, the latter drop down should either be pre-populated or restricted from selecting "full".


VBS Function Headings will not be shown before the T&Cs are accepted


Full Description

The headings "Create or Book now" and "Manage" will no longer show on the first page before the user clicks on "I Accept" button for the T&C's. These menu items will only be seen once the T&C's have been accepted.


The message that appears when cancelling a booking will now be in the same format as other messages


Full Description

This message was not of the same look and feel as the other success messages so it has been changed. 


The "Cancel Booking" button has been moved to allow more space underneath it


Full Description

This is now spaced appropriately between the button and column headings below it.


Switching facilities will still keep users logged in


Full Description

There were instances that the VBS would log users off abruptly if they switch to another facility. This no longer happens.


Switching from an NZ facility to an AU facility is now seamless


Full Description

When changing terminals from NZ (POAL) to AU facilities, there was an issue which makes users log in twice. This is now fixed.


Truck Manifest List now shows correct bookings for Carriers


Full Description

The Truck manifest list was showing bookings for different carriers. This is now fixed to show the correct carrier's bookings.


Weight is now being displayed on the add container screen in Manifest screen


Full Description

Weight is now being displayed on the add container screen in Manifest screen.


Container details will reflect the most updated version in Advanced Bookings


Full Description

Prior to this release, when container details were updated, the screen would still show the original details.  Now the screen will show the most updated version of the container details.


CONIT: swapping slots should no longer produce an error


Full Description

Prior to this fix, there were instances that swapping slots would produce an error incorrectly.


Stack Run Out email address now appears in the address book


Full Description

The Stack Run Out Address Book is now populating the field correctly. Prior to this fix, email address field did not show the email address.


X-ray Run List screen: fixed the cause of the error message on the Search action


Full Description

The bug that has been causing an error on the X-ray Run List screen on search action for some of the dates/zones is now fixed.


Updated Patrick's T&C


Full Description

The Patrick T&C has been updatd in VBS. Changes include:

  1. Additonal costs for 'Infrastructure Surcharge'.
  2. Alter the image (of the caution tape).


Changes in this release

The Notifications Search and Creation screens have been updated to align with the VBS design standards


Full Description

The interface of the Notifications Search and Creation screens have been updated to look like the current VBS Screens. There are no changes to the business rules or functionality.

Notifications will only be displayed when the user clicks search and the search area will collapse to display the search results in a table. The menu item will be updated to 'Search Notifications' from ‘Message Board’.

The Create Notification screen will now be a separate menu page. A new menu item called 'Create Notification' will be available under the Home Main Menu.


Updated the home page to provide information about our MSIC+Access Card


Full Description

 The VBS landing page now shows the information for MSIC.

The auditing of the Booking List now shows changes in the booking ref number


Full Description

When viewing the Booking History, our audit tables will show changes in the booking ref number too. With this new information, the booking can easily be traceable.





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