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Bug fixes in this release

Advanced Bookings - Container List 'Show More' button now shows more containers


Full Description

You can now utilize 'Show More' in the bottom of the Container List Screen.  This had an issue previously where nothing happened when the link was clicked.  It is now fixed and should show the rest of your containers when this is clicked.


Advanced Bookings - PINs show in the booking list for Company provided slots


Full Description

For Advanced Bookings (M04), the Pin no longer has to be re-entered in the E-IDO Pin field of the booking list screen for the Company slots. If entered in My Container List, they will now automatically appear when attaching the container onto the slot.


The container declared and lift weights are now retained in the manifest list even after being delivered


Full Description

Container declared and lift weights were showing as "0.00" when the container is gated out. This information is now being retained even after the container has been gated out. 


Manifest list 'i' tooltip for DPBNE should now show the details of the manifest


Full Description

Previously, nothing was displayed when a user hovered over the 'i' tooltip. This is now fixed and now shows the relevant information for that particular manifest.


Sort the order of containers in Swap Slots  Screen by clicking on the column heading


Full Description

The order of the containers in the Swap Slot screen can now be sorted by simply clicking on the column heading. They can be sorted by: Vessel name, Commodity code, Type, Container Location, etc.


The VBS now matches the container to the voyage number when 2 active schedules exist for the same vessel


Full Description

An error occurred whenever there were 2 active vessel schedules in the VBS for the same vessel.  Instead of the error, the VBS will now match the container to the voyage number so you can continue your work.


Further validations occur when Listing or Retrieving slots


Full Description

The VBS was checking the incorrect values whenever an Unspecified slot was either listed or retrieved.  For example, if you booked an Unspecified slot and saved it as a pick-up, then listed it, the VBS would then check for the commodity code when it shouldn't be.  Now, the VBS will only check on the values related to the booking type.



Changes in this release



Mobile App - "push" notifications and select multiple facilities




Full Description


The following information is now available in VBS mobile:


  • Notifications are now "pushed" to you and you'll be alerted whenever there is a new notification
  • You can choose more than 1 facility for the notifications
  • The notification's date and time


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