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Bug fixes in this release

Booking List - Two date fields shown


Full Description

The Booking List Page will now only show two date fields: From and To.


VBS Notifications - Display the time that the notification was sent


Full Description

The notification time was displayed as 00:00 instead of the actual time that the message was sent. This has been fixed to display the exact notification time.


Manifests - A Manifest PIN can only be used once


Full Description

Manifest PINs cannot be reused anymore as this was causing some issues in the VBS. 



Changes in this release

Container Search - Contact details for hazardous containers are now available


Full Description

Contact details for a hazardous container will now be displayed in the Container Search and Booking Details screens.  You just have to click on the link "View Contacts" to see this information. This was previously only available in the 1-Stop Gateway so we've made it available in the VBS now too.

CTOs can control the feature by the GP 223 (Allow to show contact details for hazardous container?). If the GP is set to 'Yes', users will be able to view the contact details. If the GP is set to 'No", users will not be able to view the contact details for hazardous containers.


Storage Slots - Booking a storage container


Full Description

A "storage container" is a container that has been specifically kept in the terminal for storage and won’t have any vessel details associated with it. So instead of the container being labelled as an "import container" or an "export container", this is a "storage container".


CTOs can now create a pick-up slot specifically for these storage containers. This is created in a similar fashion to late receival slots and is called a "Storage Slot".

The process is that the Shipping company approves the container for storage. Only then can the storage container be allowed to be picked from the terminal. At this point the CTO can then create a storage slot for the carrier to use so that the container can be picked up.

Summary of Storage Slots:

  1. Storage Container slots can only be used for pick-ups
  2. Storage Container slots are only for storage containers


Haz Bookings - Listing not allowed


Full Description

You may not be able to List Hazardous bookings or change the commodity type anymore without the manual intervention of CTOs.  Whether you are able to or not will be determined by the rules set by CTOs and will be applied per site.  So if you find that you can't List the booking, then that means that your terminal operator has not allowed it.

Zone notifications


Full Description

You are already getting notifications when a zone is opened, whether via email or the VBS or through the mobile app.  Now whenever a CTO cancels a zone, you can get the cancellation notifications through all those means too.

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