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Bug fixes in this release

Booking Search - Booking details are now available for previous booking references


Full Description

When a slot changes in status (e.g. listed, taken, swapped, shifted), the system creates another booking reference for that slot.  The VBS could not link up the booking references but now it can.  When you use the search screen, you can now see all the records for the slot even when a previous booking reference is used to search. 

Note: This fix was released in the 14R6.0  but there were some issues so we're re-releasing the fix


Booking Search - DPBNE - Truck details are now displayed


Full Description

Truck details were not displayed in the Booking Search screen in the DPBNE terminal like other terminals. Now you can see the truck details in the DPBNE terminal as well.


Manifests - you are now able to manifest consecutive zones for both pick-up and drop-off containers


Full Description

Carriers were not able to manifest consecutive zones by combining pick-up and drop-off containers. Now they can manifest consecutive zones for both pick-up and drop-off containers.


Bookings - the disabled "List" button shouldn't be click-able


Full Description

When the "List" button is disabled, you shouldn't be able to click it.  Unfortunately you could, and the VBS would show an error message.  We've removed the ability to click the button when it's disabled.


Trucks - Duplicate BAT numbers are not allowed


Full Description

When adding a truck to your list, you can no longer use the same BAT number for 2 different trucks.


Container Search - The correct ISO code and weight shown for export containers


Full Description

When a container comes in as an import, there is a weight and ISO code associated with it.  Once the same container becomes an export container, because it now has different contents, it'll have a different weight and a different ISO code.  This new weight and ISO code is outlined in the PRA.

If you looked up an export container in the Container Search screen, the system incorrectly showed the import weight and ISO code.  This has been corrected so that the VBS checks the PRA so that it shows the export weight and ISO code.


Stack Run Out - Vessel details are now being displayed when the Refresh icon is clicked

VBS-5532 Full Description

There was an issue wherein when user clicks on the refresh icon immediately just after adding the Stack Run Out containers, the vessel details were not being displayed.  We have fixed the issue now.


Container Search - display correct booking reference numbers for all the containers


Full Description There were instances where the wrong booking reference numbers were displayed for some of the containers in the Container Search screen and this has been fixed.


Bookings - A listed slot can only be retrieved by one user


Full Description More than one carrier can't book the same slot, BUT more than one carrier can retrieve the same slot if it was first booked by someone else and then listed.  We've improved our program so that we eliminate the scenario of two people retrieving the same listed slot.

Stack Run - container hold status to automatically update

VBS-5542 Full Description

When any container is added to the container list of Stack Run Out, VBS shows the customs status straight away as 'Held'.  The VBS updates the customs status only after receiving the message from the terminal.  This has caused some confusion in the past, since the VBS is waiting on information.  So we've put a change that forces the VBS to look up the customs status immediately after the container is added and show it, instead of waiting for the terminal's message.  This is much more accurate.


Manifest List - Date and Time format


Full Description

In the Manifest List Screen, the date and time format for all the relevant columns will now show the time in 12HR:MINUTES:SECONDS AM/PM format.  For example:

  • 09:15:29 AM
  • 11:37:01 PM  


Booking Details - "View Contacts" link is now available for ARRIVED hazardous containers


Full Description

The "View Contacts" link was missing for the ARRIVED hazardous containers in the booking details screen.  Now you can see the link in that screen.

Stack Run - Manifest List ASLPB - screen is now consistent across all 3 types of Stack Runs


Full Description

The Stack Run In MT Manifest List screen for ASLPB didn't have the same look as the Stack Run Out and Stack Run In Full Manifest List screens.  They are all consistent now.

Booking Details - EIDO PIN field has been removed


Full Description

The EIDO PIN is not required for the drop-off containers so it shouldn't show on this screen at all so we've removed it.

Booking List - print all records


Full Description

The "Print" function was printing the first 50 records only.  Now you can print all the information that you need.


X-Ray Container Override - Existing containers will not be allowed to be added again

VBS-4179 Full Description

In the X-Ray Container Override screen, users were able to containers that were already in the X-Ray list.  It created an issue that the container was not being shown in the TERM-X list screen during manifesting.  Now users will see an error message if they try to add an existing container.


Bookings - you can't delete hazardous document for the manifested containers

VBS-3904 Full Description

Once a booking has been manifested, carriers can no longer delete the hazardous document from the booking.


X-Ray Run List - Manifests moved from "Planned" to "Actual" tab


Full Description

There were some instances where the x-ray manifests didn't move from "Planned" tab to "Actual" tab in the X-ray Run list screen, after the event occurred.  We found out why and corrected it.


Container Search - consistent commodity name for Hazardous containers are to be used


Full Description

There were different commodity names for the different types of hazardous containers in the Container Search screen. To make things easier we will show "Hazardous" for all types of hazardous containers.


Message Board - latest messages first


Full Description

There was no order of any form in the VBS Message Board and hence it was hard for our users to find the latest messages.  What a pain!  The messages are now sorted to show the latest messages first.


Customs Users only - the "Container Search" is now available in the quick menu on the home page


Full Description

Customs users didn't have the "Container Search" as a quick menu in the home page but will now.




Changes in this release

XRay Manifesting - Individual container weight and ISO code are now displayed along with other container details after a container is added to the truck


Full Description

Individual Container weight and ISO codes are now displayed along with other container details like container number, commodity, door direction and position when a container is added to the truck. There is also a new column for ISO code in the "Add Container" screen.



Carriers will now be able to preview containers prior to Manifesting


Full Description

Carriers will now be able to select the specific containers that they want to use for manifesting.  If the carrier chooses to preview the containers prior to manifesting, it will form a new workflow.

The workflow is described as follows: 

Step 1: Carrier chooses to preview containers by selecting the check box and click Search


Step 2: Carrier selects the containers that they want to manifest

Step 3: Carrier enters the truck details and adds the containers to the truck as per usual.  Carrier will be able to add those containers to the truck that they have selected in Step 2.

Step 4: Carriers create manifest by clicking on the "Create Manifest" button.


You will now be able to identify Late Receival, Single Use, Storage and Company slots from the Booking List screen


Full Description

A new column called 'Slot Attribute' has been added to the booking list screen to display whether the slot has any of the following attributes: Company Slot, Single Use, Late Receival, Storage Container.


Zones are now being displayed on the "i" information pop up in the Manifest List screen


Full Description

A new column "Zone" has been added on the "i" information pop up in the Manifest List screen. This column displays the zones that the containers are manifested for.


Bookings - the selected date shows in the "Edit Search" instead of the default current date


Full Description 

During Booking, the VBS was showing the current date whenever a carrier changed the slot type in the "Edit Search" menu.  Due to this, carriers were mistakenly making some bookings for the wrong dates.  We've corrected the VBS so that it'll show the previously selected date in the "Edit Search" menu even after changing the slot type.



Bookings- Attach hazardous document to Pick Up bookings

Terminals Affected
All Terminals


 Carriers will now be able to attach a hazardous document to a Hazardous pick up booking.  Depending on the terminal's specific requirements, a hazardous document may be mandatory before carriers can manifest the hazardous pick up booking. 

 Carriers will be able to attach the hazardous document from the 'Booking details' screen just after confirming the booking.



Carriers will also be able to attach, view or delete a hazardous document from the Booking List screen.



Carriers can also view the attached hazardous doc from both 'Booking Search' and 'Container Search' screen by clicking on 'Yes' link.


Booking Search



Container Search


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