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Bug Fixes in this release

You can now access the User Guide from the login screen 


Full Description

The link to the User Guide from the VBS login screen was broken. Now you can access to the VBS user guide by clicking on the 'User Guide' link in the login screen.


Manifest List - the helpful info is now displaying the full company name


Full Description

Whenever you hover your mouse over the "i" anywhere in our websites, a window will pop up with information.

In the Manifest list screen, when you do this it shows the company name, but unfortunately the full name couldn't be seen because of the width of the pop up window.   We have increased the width of the window now so that it can display the full company name.


Stack Run Manifest List - Created Date is now available in the Actual tab


Full Description

VBS is now showing manifest created date in the Actual Tab of Stack Run Manifest List screen.


SRO Manifest - Page loading and slot validation issues are fixed now


Full Description

There were two issues with SRO Manifesting if you tried to create manifest from Stack Run List screen.

  1. After SRO manifest was created, the Manifest Confirmation screen was displaying the wait symbol (spinning circle) even after a successful creation of the SRO manifest.  We've removed the symbol after the successful creation since this was confusing.
  2. If a limit of containers per stack run was set by the CTO, the VBS should really tell you when the limit is reached, but it wasn't.  It will now, and show you this message: "Number of created Stack Run Out slots has reached its limit."


X-ray - Container Override screen design is now consistent with other VBS screens


Full Description

This screen now looks like other VBS screens.  The process is still the same, it's just the look that's changed.

Booking List - "Booking List" is now a heading in this screen


Full Description

VBS is now showing "Booking List" as heading instead of "Bookings List"  in the Booking List screen.


Drivers - Truck Rego can only be alpha-numeric characters


Full Description

The VBS will not accept any special character as part of the Truck Rego in the  Normal Manifest, X-Ray manifest, Stack Run Manifest and Trucks Screen.  Acceptable characters: a-z,A-Z,0-9 


Manifest - you can now cancel X-Ray manifests


Full Description

We've updated the VBS so that you can cancel X-Ray manifests instead of having to call the terminal.


X-Ray - a meaningful error message when users are unable to delete a container from X-Ray Container Override screen


Full Description

VBS is now showing the movement ids in the error message if you delete a container from the X-Ray container Override screen. It will help you to cancel all X-Ray manifests related to that specific container.


Stack Run - the whole row will be highlighted when a container is selected in the 'Add Container' screen


Full Description

If you select a container in the 'Add Container' screen, the whole row will be highlighted to make it easier to work with.


Booking - Search - the correct results are displayed


Full Description

We've put a fix in to eliminate odd results showing up in the search screen.


Listed Slots - DPBNE carriers are now able to retrieve their own


Full Description

For DPBNE users, you can now retrieve your own listed slots at any time.


Booking List - the Location column is present now for all bookings


Full Description

VBS was not displaying the "Location" column if you wanted to view more than 50 bookings by clicking on "Show More" in the Booking List screen. The issue is fixed now.


Manifest - will you be able to manifest a custom held container?


Full Description

It depends on the setting by the terminal.

If it's set to "No", then you won't be able to.  This rule is set by the terminal.


Booking List - 'HELD' status for the held containers


Full Description

The 'HELD' status of a container in the Booking List screen would sometimes disappear if the Booking Reference was clicked and then would close the Booking pop up screen. We have fixed the issue so that the status will always show (until it's no longer HELD, of course).


Changes in this release


Stack Run - email advice will be sent when a stack run status is changed to 'Confirmed'


Full Description

The VBS will now send an email when the Stack Run status changes from 'Waiting for Confirmation' to 'Confirmed'. This change is applicable for all three types of Stack Runs, Stack Run In, Stack Run In Full and Stack Run Out.


Booking Details - users can now go to previous and next booking from this screen


Full Description

Carriers and CTOs can now navigate from one booking to next or previous booking in the Booking Details screen.

To go to next booking, just to click on "Next" link and to go to the previous booking, just click on "Previous" link. The navigation order will follow the sequence in the Booking List screen.

Booking Summary - email and print option available


Full Description

You can now email and print bookings information from the Booking Summary screen by just clicking on the icons shown below.



Container Search - the OOG dimensions for Import containers are shown


Full Description

If the container is 'Out of Gauge', the container's dimensions such as Top, Left, Right, Front, Back are shown in the Container Search screen.

Note: This change will be visible after the Gateway 15R3.0 release, due on 22 June 2015.


Bookings - new Swap Booking restrictions are in place


Full Description

The VBS now can restrict the swap bookings within configurable sifts.

The CTOs will be able to configure shifts for each day and could mean that you can only swap slots in the same shift (Night or Day shift), if that's what they set it to.  So if you have trouble swapping the bookings, it could be because of the settings.


VBS emails - 1-Stop Logo is present with the information


Full Description

When an email is sent from VBS, the email now contains 1-Stop Logo and all available information ( eg: All columns in the Booking List screen).

This change is applicable to the following VBS screens: Booking List, Booking Summary, Manifest List, Xray Run List, Stack Run List.


Booking List - Haz Doc image is now an image of a document with either tick or cross


Full Description

The x symbol to show that there was no document attached caused confusion so we have changed the icon for hazardous document attachment.  Now we have introduced new meaningful icons for Haz doc column in the Booking List screen: tick means that there is an attachment; cross means no attachment.


Stack run Request - you can now hide pending and rejected stack runs


Full Description

We have implemented two separate filters: "Hide Pending" and "Hide Rejected".  This means you can filter pending and rejected stack runs separately so it's neater and should make viewing the information a little less cluttered. 

Container Search - line operator is displayed

Terminals Affected
All Terminals



Full Description

The line operator will be shown in the Container Search screen. This will help you to verify eIDO.

Note: This change will be visible after the Gateway 15R3.0 release, due on 22 June 2015.


Booking List - see whether an eIDO pin has been attached to the booking or not

Terminals Affected
All Terminals


Full Description

You no longer have to go to individual booking details to find out whether eIDO has been attached to the booking or not. You can now see that information in the Booking List screen.

There is a new column named "eIDO" in the booking list screen.  If 'Yes' appears in the column, that means the eIDO has been attached to that booking.  If 'No' is shown, that means the eIDO has not been attached to the booking.

Extra prompt - VBS now asks for confirmation during listing slots and manual slot generation to avoid accidental action


Full Description

The VBS will ask for confirmation when if you try to list a slot. This will hopefully avoid the accidental listings.


Port of Napier - Manifesting is now available

Terminals Affected
Napier Port


Full Description

Napier users, you can now manifest bookings!


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