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Bug fixes in this release


Manifest - You can now see the other carrier's manifested container position in the shared truck


Full Description

When you have shared a truck and another carrier and tried to manifest a container in the same position of that truck, VBS was not displaying the previously manifested container position as "Shared" in the truck diagram to the second carrier.  It was causing confusion so we fixed it so that the VBS displays "Shared Truck" box in the truck diagram when the position is already booked by another carrier.


Booking List - VBS now displays appropriate space between each booking


Full Description

VBS was displaying an additional line space between each booking when you search for bookings in the Booking List screen.  This made the screen a bit odd to read so we removed the additional line.


Napier Port - Booking Details - VBS no longer shows EIDO field for the drop-off bookings 


Full Description

Napier port users were able to see the "EIDO" field for the drop off bookings when it's needed for drop-offs.  We have now removed the field for the drop off bookings from the booking details screen.


Napier Port - Booking list screen is now showing the correct alignment of the columns when a booking is re-sent to the terminal


Full Description

If Napier carriers attempted to resend the bookings to the terminal by clicking on the "Error" status, the booking list screen was showing misalignment in the columns. We have fixed the issue now.


Changes in this release

Billing - "Failed to Arrive (FTA)" charge will not be applied to LISTED SLOTS


Full Description

We have changed the "Failed to Arrive(FTA)" charge process to apply the following rules:

  1. If a timeslot LISTED 24 hours before the timeslot zone, VBS will not charge for LISTED. 
  2. If a timeslot LISTED 24 hours before the timeslot zone and  the carrier does not retrieve the slot, then VBS will not charge for "Failed to Arrive (FTA)". If the carrier retrieves the slot and not used, then VBS will charge for "Failed to Arrive (FTA)".
  3. If a timeslot is charged for LISTED, VBS will not charge for  FTA  for the same carrier for the same unique booking reference number.


Notification - Users can now see the correctly formatted messages in the Message Board and Pop Up notifications


Full Description

Users can now see the notifications with all the right formatting.  They can also click on any hyperlink given in the notification to go to the specific web page. All hyperlinks (If any) in the notifications will be highlighted with blue color.


Manifest - Carriers can now edit truck and driver details in the manifest


Full Description

Carriers can now edit truck and driver details for existing manifests.   They can update the:

  • Truck Rego
  • BAT
  • Driver
  • Mobile

To edit these details, carriers just have to click on "Edit Truck" in the "Action" column. 

Then the following pop-up screen will be displayed to edit the truck and driver details.


After clicking on "Save", users will see the success message with new Movement ID, Pin and Run number.

Stack Run - vessel details for all SRO containers are displayed


Full Description

VBS was not displaying vessel details for some of the containers in a situation when a carrier removed and immediately added the same container in Stack Run Out Set up screen.

VBS was processing the facility response messages for the container removal and was changing the container status to "OK" without any vessel details.  We have now changed our translator not to update the container to "OK" status if the facility response is received for container removal.  VBS will only update the container status to "OK" if it receives facility response for the container insertion.


Stack Run - Stack Run In Full containers are now getting validated in the same way of PRA validation for Voyage numbers


Full Description

The VBS verifies Gateway PRAs to match them against the vessel schedule to make sure it all matches.  If there are leading zeroes missing off the voyage number, the VBS treats this as ok because it can correctly match it with the right number.  For example: voyage 9N is ok because the real voyage number is 009N.

However, for the Stack Run In full containers, an error would show, indicating that there was a mismatch in the voyage number.  We have now made the necessary changes to implement the same validation for the Stack Run In Full containers.


Port of Auckland - Container Search - vessel details of a container shown


Full Description

Port Of Auckland users were not able to view the vessel details of a container in the Container Search screen.  Now we have made the changes to display the vessel information in the Container Search screen.


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