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Changes in this release

Login - Single sign on implemented between VBS and Modal

Affected Terminals
Terminals utilising both VBS and Modal


Full Description

We have now implemented Single sign-on capability between VBS and Model; i.e. Logging in or logging out of one system would now log you in or out of the other.

Login - New Look for the Login and Landing Page 

Affected Terminals
All terminals


Full Description

VBS is moving towards an incremental revamp to enhance the user experience. As a first step, we have re-designed the VBS Login and Landing page. Different elements within the login and landing page has been rearranged for ease of navigation and some unwanted/ unused links have been removed to eliminate page clutter. Further, these pages are now mobile friendly. 
You are now presented with a simple login page where you can enter your login credentials and access VBS.

Landing page now gives priority to its key functionality; selecting a facility.

You can access your account details (My account) and logout links via the icon at the top right corner.

If you are accessing a facility that utilises Modal system, you will have the ability to access the container bookings using the quick navigation button placed on the landing page.

Truck Drivers - Truck drivers can be banned from a Terminal

Affected Terminals
DP World and Patrick Terminals


Full Description

VBS now provides functionality for terminals to ban truck drivers from the terminal temporarily or indefinitely. Banning a truck driver stops them from being assigned to a manifest during the period that they are banned for the particular terminal.

Permanent ban will be effective from the time the ban is added to the system and can only be lifted by CTO manually removing the ban. Temporary ban can be set for any future period and will be effective within the period specified. Temporary ban will be lifted at the end of the specified period or manually by the CTO.

Carriers can find any bans applied to truck drivers and details about the ban via Truck driver screen.

Modified "Carrier- Truck driver search" Screen

When manifesting bookings, VBS would prevent the carriers from using banned truck drivers for manifests within the banned period. Driver name is displayed with the wording "Banned" in the driver list.

Note that any manifests created prior to CTO applying the ban would remain as it is; i.e. drivers will be able to access the terminal during the banned period to pickup/ drop-off these bookings unless the bookings are manually reverted/ edited.


Stack Run - VBS now validates receival and cut off dates for both SRIE and SRIF

Affected Terminals
DP World and Patrick Terminals


Full Description

VBS now includes validations to verify vessel receival and cut off dates for SRIE and SRIF which would prevent carriers from bringing containers to the terminal for vessels that haven’t opened for receival or have passed the cut off time.
For SRIE, vessel schedule is validated at the point of creating a SRIE. To successfully save a SRIE, following conditions need to be satisfied.

  • Stack Run Start and End date should be GREATER than Empty Export Receival Start Date AND
  • Stack Run Start and End date should be LESS than Empty Export Cargo Cut-off Date.

If the dates of the stack run are not within MT Begin and MT cut off range date range, then the system would display an error message and prevent the user from saving the Stack run. 
Note that if the Empty dates are not provided by the Terminal, VBS would verify the same logic against the general cargo begin receival and cut off dates.
For SRIF, when carrier tries to add a container to the truck, VBS checks whether the vessel is open for receival. To successfully manifest a SRIF, following conditions need to be satisfied.

  • Manifest date should be GREATER than Vessel Receival Start Date AND
  • Manifest date should be GREATER than Vessel Cut-off Date
  • For terminals that utilise early receivals and late arrivals functionality, VBS would check whether the containers are within the early receival and late arrival list as well.

If the vessel is not open for receival or cut off for receival, VBS displays an error at manifesting time and prevents carrier from confirming the manifest.
If the vessel schedule contains the dates per commodity, the validations are based on the commodity of the container i.e. Export receival date and Cargo Cut-off date for HAZ, REEF, GEN. 
Note that if the HAZ, REEF dates (Begin receival and Cut-off) are not provided, system would by default verify General Begin receival and General Cut-off dates.

DP  World Terminals - Only SRIF validations are applied for DP World terminals. No changes applied to SRIE.

Patrick Terminals - Patrick terminals only utilise SRIE functionality, hence only SRIE validations will be aapplicable.

Billing Extract Review - Time Zone selection from the previous search session is now retained

Affected Terminals
DP World and Patrick Terminals


Full Description

In the Billing Extract Review Screen, the last timezone search criteria entered will be remembered and retained. The screen will no longer revert to default values each time a CTO user changes the billing charge selection which results in user having to re-select the zone for each search.


Billing Extract Review - Deemed arrival time information now displayed in Billing Extract Review

Affected Terminals
DP World and Patrick Port Botany Terminals only


Full Description

The deemed arrival time sent by CMCC is crucial when calculating the late fees. With this release, deemed arrival time will be displayed on the Billing Extract Review page for charge types EARLY, LATE and TTT.

Billing Extract Review - New search functionality to view billing charges by Vessel

Affected Terminals
DP World and Patrick Terminals


Full Description

A new search criteria "Vessel" is added to Billing Extract Review Search allowing terminals to extract billing records for a vessel.

The Vessels displayed within the search criteria will based on the timeframe selected. Thus, only vessels relevant to the respective terminal for the selected timeframe will be visible within the search. Changing the timeframe would refresh the vessel list. When a vessel is selected from dropdown and a search is performed, output would return all billing records for the selected vessel. This filter works in conjunction with other filters.
In addition, Vessel information for all billing records are now displayed within the billing extract review grid (as a new column) and within individual billing review details pages (as a field).

Manifesting - Carriers can complete manifesting pick-up bookings dated prior to storage start date even when the storage WS is down

Affected Terminals
DP World and Patrick Terminals


Full Description

When the carrier attempts to manifest a pick-up booking when the storage web service is down, VBS will now perform a check on the pickup date against the storage start date. If the pickup date is set before the storage start date, carrier will be able to successfully complete the manifesting process.
For example, if the carrier wants to pick up a container on 20th of Jan 2018 and the Storage web service is down, VBS will check the vessel schedule for the storage start date. Given that storage start date is after 20th Jan, the carrier can complete manifesting as there will be no storage owing against the container. If the storage start date is before 20th Jan, carrier will not be able to proceed with the manifesting as there might be a storage owing against the container. VBS is required to verify whether there’s any storage owing prior to manifesting.
A new Global Parameter has been included to enable/ disable aforementioned functionality for each terminal.

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