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In 18R3 VBS release, we have consolidated various new features, modifications and bug fixes within VBS and made improvements to our codebase. This helps us easily change and maintain VBS in the future. 

Following details are the new changes you will see in VBS.   


New Features/ Enhancements

Login - New Look for the Login and Landing Page 

Affected Terminals

VBS is moving towards an incremental revamp to enhance the user experience. As a first step, 1-Stop has re-designed the VBS Login and Landing page. Different elements within the login and landing page has been rearranged for ease of navigation and some unwanted/ unused links have been removed to eliminate page clutter. Further, these pages are now mobile friendly. 
You are now presented with a simple login page where you can enter your login credentials and access VBS.


Landing page now gives priority to its key functionality; selecting a facility.

You can access your account details (My account) and logout links via the icon at the top right corner.

Navigate to manifest from booking summary

Affected Terminals
DP World, Napier, Patrick

A Manifest button has been added to the booking summary screen to prompt users of the need to manifest. 

Clicking on the Manifest button will take the user to the Manifest screen and will pre-set the date and direction fields based on CONFIRMED bookings in the summary screen. The users should only need to click the Search button to begin manifesting.

 Where the user has previously booked other slots (eg Drop Off)  the user has the option to change the direction field from Pick-up Run to Dual Run before clicking the Search button.


Book search screens made consistent

Affected Terminals
DP World, Napier, Patrick, Port of Auckland

Book search screen when accessed through Book menu, and when in edit search view, now look the same, now the users sees them as the same form.

When accessed from book menu -

When in edit search view -

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