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Changes in the release

Booking Details - Non-manifest terminals can assign a driver to a booking via booking details page

Affected Terminals

Any non- manifesting terminals and container parks that opt to use this functionality (Asian Terminals, Manila Terminal, Port of Auckland terminal, CLINK Parks)

VBS only allowed drivers to be linked to a booking via manifesting screens. Terminals that don't use manifest functionality were unable to link driver information to their bookings. We have now included a driver drop down into the booking details page allowing a booking to be linked to a driver.

As a carrier, you will now be able to assign a driver for bookings created. Driver selection may be visible, mandatory or optional as per terminal requirement.

 Driver validations such as Active/ Inactive, MSIC expiry (Australian terminals only), induction expiry, Driver ban, may apply (as per terminal configurations).

  • Any inactive drivers will not be displayed in the driver list.
  • Banned drivers will be displayed with the word “Banned” against the driver name and you will not be able to assign bookings to any banned drivers within the ban period.
  • You would not be able to confirm a booking with a driver who doesn't have access to the respective terminal.
  • You would not be able to select a driver with an expired MSIC (Australian terminals only) or an expired induction (terminal induction if requested by the terminal).


Booking details - Truck and driver information will be editable till the truck arrives at the facility

Affected Terminals

Any non- manifesting terminals and container parks that opt to use this functionality (Asian Terminals, Manila Terminal, Port of Auckland terminal, CLINK Parks)


As a carrier, you will be able to edit truck and driver information till the truck arrives at the premises (similar to current manifest functionality). Driver list, truck rego, BAT no (if available) will be editable from the time a booking is created till the booking has arrived, cancelled becomes a no-show. Thus, when a booking is confirmed, these fields would still remain editable.

If these fields are edited after a booking is confirmed, you can click the update button at the bottom to save the data. 


Driver List – Drivers can be added using their drivers’ license

Affected Terminals

Non- Australian Terminals/ Non-MSIC terminals (Asian Terminals, Manila Terminal, Port of Auckland terminal, Napier Terminal, CLINK Parks, Toll Shipping Terminals)


This functionality is applicable for;

  • Non- Australian terminals
  • Any Australian terminals that would require adding in drivers with their drivers’ license or with an MSIC which was not provided by 1-Stop

Driver List page will be accessible to you through the booking Menu. In order to assign drivers to bookings/ manifests, you must first add all drivers into the list.

“Add” option within truck driver List has been changed to allow adding driver details and driver License for non- Australian terminals.

Clicking “Add driver” button within driver list would open a popup where you can enter driver name, mobile number, email address and driver's license. Required driver data would differ and would be as requested by the terminal.

Drivers added through the driver list can be used when manifesting. For terminals that do not require a manifest, drivers from the driver list can be assigned to a booking.

Note that some non- Australian terminals would require validating the driver license entered by Carrier with the driver list in their TOS database. For such terminals, you can enter the drivers’ license and VBS would get driver details from TOS database.

Container List -  Carriers would now have a single view to manage their list of containers

Affected Terminals

All Australian Terminals

Note that Advanced Booking terminals already have this feature(i.e. Victoria International Container Terminal, DP World Brisbane, Manila Int'l container terminal, Asian Terminals Inc.)

The container list allows Carriers to upload a list of their containers into a list and VBS will automatically retrieve any information relating to the containers in the list. The list gives the carriers a view of their containers and allows them to manage containers that they wish to book. 

The container list would provide the following benefits to carriers and terminals;

  • Providing carriers a single view to manage their list of containers. 
  • Reducing the amount of data entry required by allowing carriers, the ability to paste a list of containers, and also the ability to match a list of pins to containers.
  • Allowing the carriers to filter out their containers by different criteria.
  • Terminals would have a view of containers that carriers wish to pick up or drop off.
  • Terminals can utilise the container list information for better yard planning.
  • In effect truck turn around times are reduced allowing carriers to be serviced more efficiently.

As a carrier, you can access the container list by clicking the “Container List” button at the top of the home page, or by navigating to Bookings -> Container list from the side menu.

Container list would display a detailed list of container uploaded to the list by your company.  Container status displayed would enable you to easily determine whether the container is ready to be booked, confirmed against a booking or not yet ready. 

You can add containers to the list using the "Add containers" button at the top of the page.

Multiple containers can be added at once.

VBS would fetch the latest container details (when available) for uploaded containers in the container list.

"Match Pins" button would allow you to match multiple container pins simultaneously.

This will automatically match up the pins to the correct containers. If containers are already booked to a time slot, it would update the time slot booking also with the PIN.

Search criteria at the top of the page would allow you to easily filter or search through the list of containers.

Bug Fixes

Booking Search - Booking Search is not showing data for Listed slots

Affected Terminals
All Terminals


Booking search was not displaying any result for booking references, where slots were listed and then re-booked by another carrier. This issue is now fixed thus, you can now search using original booking reference of a listed slot and retrieve its details which includes the audit trail.
When a slot is re-booked by another carrier, a new booking reference is assigned to the slot. The original booking reference is saved in VBS for 60 days. Therefore, search results would only provide details for listed bookings for slots listed within the last 60 days.

Driver List – Error occurred when adding Mobile Numbers for Truck Drivers

Affected Terminals
Patrick Terminals


Below error occurred when adding a mobile number for a truck driver within truck driver list by clicking “Edit” adjacent to the driver record. 


You can now successfully save a mobile number for a driver.


Manifest- Inadequate MSIC validations when assigning a driver to a manifest VBS

Affected Terminals
DP World Terminals, Patrick Terminals and Victoria International Container Terminal


Terminals encountered instances where VBS allowed drivers with an expired induction to be assigned to manifests. Only the MSIC card expiry date was verified when a driver is assigned to a manifest.

New validations were included in the driver list and manifesting process so that carriers can only manifest with drivers who fulfill all below requirements;

  • Have an active MSIC card
  • MSIC card is not expired
  • Completed induction for the terminal and induction is not expired
  • Induction is active

This applies to all manifests with a driver assigned to it; i.e. normal manifests, Stack run in and out manifests, and X-Ray manifests.

Note that some terminals allow bypassing MSIC card expiry validation. If so, you will be able to manifest using drivers with an expired MSIC. However, other three validations would apply.

Current behavior in Driver List page remain the same. i.e.

  • When a carrier attempt to add a driver with an inactive or expired MSIC to the list, VBS will not add the driver to the list. Message will be displayed "Cannot add <MSIC number> <user name> as the card has expired or is inactive".
  • A driver with an expired/ inactive induction can be added to the driver list. Induction due would be displayed for the terminal that's been viewed at the time (i.e. if the carrier is viewing the driver list while in Patrick Port Botany facility, induction due date column would display the  induction due date for Patrick Port Botany. Same driver when viewed through DP World Port Botany may have a different induction due date as the field will display induction due date for DP World Port Botany.)
  • If the driver's induction is expired/ inactive for the corresponding terminal, induction due date field will be blank and the respective terminal will not be displayed in the facility list field. For drivers who are already added to the driver list at the time induction was expired, if the carrier has not refreshed the driver list (by clicking "refresh driver details"), induction due date (which is a past date) will still be displayed.
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