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Bug Fixes

Login - Users are intermittently auto-logged out of VBS

Affected Terminals

All terminals


Several users reported that they were logged out randomly from VBS. Some of the instances reported were;

  • when switching from one terminal to another
  • during manifesting
  • during booking
  • during slot drop

Fix was implemented to ensure that users stays logged in unless their session times out (as per current VBS session time out setup).

Book Slots - Dual slots option is not available for all available booking dates 

Affected Terminals

Patrick, CLINK, DP World (Except DPW Brisbane), AAT Fisherman Island, Port of Auckland, Napier Port, Lyttleton


'Dual Booking' is a booking option which is activated by the terminal. When active, a carrier is able to use Dual option to create a pickup and a drop-off booking at the same time. An issue was reported that dual option sometimes disappears when a booking date is selected i.e. dual option cannot be used for all available booking dates. This issue is now fixed and if enabled by the terminal, dual option would be available for selection for all booking dates. 


Booking - Carrier were unable to book Drop Off slots though slots were available

Affected Terminals

All terminals


Carriers reported that sometimes, they were able to see drop off slots available in a timezone, but the bookings weren't successful. The slots which failed at booking were identified to be slots that were listed by other carriers and edited by the terminal operator.

This issue is now fixed and any listed drop off slots are available for other carriers to utilise for bookings.


Booking - A technical error is displayed to Carriers when confirming a booking with a container assigned to a vessel unknown to VBS

Affected Terminals

All terminals except Napier Port


When a booking is confirmed with a container assigned to an unknown vessel, a technical error was displayed to the user. Vessel can be "unknown" due to following reasons;

  • Vessel was available and then removed from the vessel schedule prior to booking confirmation
  • Vessel name specified from terminal doesn't match any vessels in the current vessel schedule in VBS

A fix was applied to display a meaningful error message (such as "The vessel no longer exists in the system") to the carrier.


Booking List - Cannot filter bookings with status "Manifested"

Affected Terminals

Patrick, DP World, Victoria International Terminal, Napier Port, Lyttleton


Users were unable to filter bookings with status "Manifested" using the "Status" filter within Booking list> Booking search section. No bookings were displayed though there were bookings in the list with "Manifested" status. This issue is now fixed.


Manifesting - Carriers were unable to manifest their bookings when there are 50 or more bookings

Affected Terminals

Victoria International Container Terminal


Carrier were unable to manifest their bookings when they had more than 50 bookings available for manifest.  In the manifest page, when a carrier clicks on the 'plus' icon on the truck to add a container, the pop-up displayed was not showing any bookings available to be manifested (refer below screenshot).

This issue is now fixed and all available containers are displayed to be added to the truck. 

Further, another related issue was reported with regards to holds not displaying correctly (refer below screenshot).

This issue is also rectified. Correct holds are displayed to the carrier throughout the system i.e. container search, container list, booking list etc. 



Manifesting - Truck Axle Type field disappears when Truck Rego is entered manually

Affected Terminals

Patrick Port Botany


When the carrier selects the truck type (which has truck axle types added by terminal) prior to entering the truck rego or alter the truck rego after selecting the truck type, the truck axle type field disappears.  As a result, manifest fails when the carrier clicks "Create Manifest" displaying an error notification "Truck Axle Type is required". This issue is now fixed and the truck axle type field will remain visible for corresponding Truck types regardless whether the Truck Rego is altered.


Stack Run In Full - 'Validate Cargo Cut-off' option does not work

Affected Terminals

Patrick and DP World


'Validate cargo cut-off' checkbox available when creating a Stack Run In Full, controls whether the cargo cutoff date is validated against the stack run dates or disregarded when saving a stack run. Terminals reported that 'Validate cargo cut-off' checkbox unchecked functionality was not working as expected. I.e. when unchecked, VBS was still validating the stack run dates against cargo cut off dates. This issue is now fixed.


Stack Run Out and Stack Run In Full - No error description is displayed for containers marked with an "Error"

Affected Terminals

Patrick and DP World


When containers are added to the Stack Run Out or Stack Run In Full container list, VBS would display its status as "OK" or "Error" (based on validations applied by terminal). For containers with "Error" status, users will be able to hover over the status and view a meaningful description which would provide them more details about why the container was not accepted (eg: The container has already been used, container doesn't exist etc.). When a container doesn't have a commodity associated to it/ invalid commodity or when the container is associated to a vessel unknown to VBS, an "Error" status was displayed with no description. Following hover over text descriptions are now included to be displayed to the user.

  • "Invalid commodity" - Displayed when there is no commodity or incorrect commodity
  • "Invalid Vessel name" - Displayed when the vessel is unknown to VBS


Stack Run Manifest -  Cannot manifest Stack Runs when navigated through Stack Run List

Affected Terminals

Patrick, DP World, Victoria international container terminal, Manila International Container terminal


Stack run manifest screen can be accessed through stack run request, stack run list and from within a stack run. Users were unable to successfully manifest a stack run when Stack Run Manifest was accessed through Stack Run List. This issue is now fixed. 


Billing Extract Review- "Billing Charge" filter doesn't work in conjunction with "Zone from/to" filters

Affected Terminals

Patrick, CLINK, DP World, Victoria International Terminal, AAT Fisherman Island, Napier Port, Lyttleton


When trying to view all charges that belong to a 'Billing Charge' for a particular date and zone range using the filters available in the Billing Extract review page, no data was retrieved. This issue is now fixed.

In below example, when 'Billing Charge' is selected as 'PBLIS Stevedore Cancelled Booking', Fee code selected as "CTOSLOT" and the date/zone range is selected as 01/03 Zone 8 to 02/03 Zone 1, any applicable charges for bookings within the selected date/zone range are extracted and displayed in the table. 


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