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Allow 7 Characters in Truck Rego

Affected Terminals = All Patrick Terminals except East Swanson


VBS will now allow a Truck Rego with 7 Characters in length. VBS will also send the full 7 characters of the “Truck Rego” in the VBS Movement Message.

Below is an example of a 7 character Truck Rego in a VBS Manifest.

Add Drop Deck Truck Type

Affected Terminals = Patrick Port Botany Terminals


The Truck Type “Drop Deck” has been added to the Truck Types field. Truck Type “Drop Deck” can now be used to create a Manifest in VBS. The same Axle and Mass Limit rules as a Semi Trailer have been applied to “Drop Deck”.


Warning flag pop for DRE (Direct Return Empty) Containers

Affected Terminals = VICT


Users will receive a warning message when confirming a Direct Return Empty (DRE) container to a drop off booking.

The process is =

  1. Carrier progresses a container to the container list.

  2. Carrier selects DRE container and slot.

  3. After clicking "Confirm" the following warning message will appear:

"Below containers are registered as Empty (DRE)

  • <container_number 1>

  • <container_number 2>

  • <container_number …>

Are you sure you want to proceed?

Buttons: Proceed and Cancel



VBS - Deactivating Company with Listed Slots prevents Booking for the Zone

Affected Terminals = ALL Terminals


There was an issue in VBS where if a Carrier had previously Booked then Listed a slot in VBS, then the Carrier got Deactivated in VBS. This then caused an error where the Zone the said Carrier had used was blocking other Carriers from booking slots in this zone. This bug has now been fixed.

Carriers will no longer be blocked from booking in a zone where a previous Carrier had booked, listed and then become Deactivated.

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