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Remove MSIC Data from VBS


Affected Terminals = All Australian Terminals

To comply with security and MSIC regulations, when a Driver is being added in VBS, the user will need to enter the driver’s first name and MSIC ID and select “Add”. The user will receive a message confirming the Truck Driver has been added successfully, as shown below.

Users will now select “Add” which will open the below window.

The user will enter the details as shown above, then select “Add”.

When the above window is closed, the new Driver can be seen in the Truck Driver List as shown below.

When a user is viewing the Truck Driver List, the MSIC Number will no longer be visible. Only the last 3 digits will be displayed as shown in the below example.


DPW Telephone bookings

Affected Terminals = All DP World Terminals (Including WS Intermodal)


DP World CTO users will now be able to create “Telephone Bookings” for Carriers that need to make a booking over the telephone. Once a CTO user has created the Telephone Booking, it will be in the Booking List screen in the Slot Attribute column as “Telephone”.

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