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Bug Fixes:

Container list for non advance booking facilities will retain the pin in booking details


Affected Terminals = All the non-advance booking terminals across Australia

For non-advanced booking facilities, when a pin is matched against the container using ‘Match Pins’ the pin is not carried over to the booking details and the user will have to re-enter the pin during manifesting.

Pin is reflected in the booking details and users don’t need to re-enter the pin.

Last booking details displayed in container search screen


Affected Terminals = All terminals

When the containers are either currently on-Board vessel or discharged and have completed bookings for the same Facility in the past, old Booking Reference is displayed in the Container Search Screen.

To provide more clearer view to the user, booking details will be shown in “Last Booking Details” section which displays last known booking reference and booking date available for the container.


ASLPB - Dual manifest SRI Full with SRO


Affected Terminals = ASLPB

Users unable to create a dual manifest ‘SRI Full with SRO’ as they see ‘Truck Axle Type is required’ error and can't input the truck axle type since the field is not available.

Users will now be prompted to enter the below fields when a dual manifest ‘SRI Full with SRO’ is selected.

Manifest 'Adjacent Zones' flag incorrectly displayed as 'No'


Affected Terminals = All Australian Terminals

When Carriers manifest across Adjacent Zones and when Adjacent Zone is 'Yes', it shows as Adjacent Zones = No in Manifest list screen.

Adjacent Zones flag displayed in the manifest list screen is not from the respective manifest id, instead it is from the search details (which is not relevant to the manifest id) selected in the manifest list screen. Hence the proposed fix is to remove the field 'Adjacent Zones' from the manifest screen when the Movement id is selected from the manifest list screen for showing the manifest details.

Performance improvement for VICTM Manifesting containers


Affected Terminals = VICT

Carriers not able to manifest their Bookings when they select All Zones for VICTM with huge volume of containers. While trying to manifest, it takes more than 60 seconds for fetching container data.

Performance is improved by implementing caching mechanism and also by mandating the users to select specific zone while fetching the container details.


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