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Stack Run Dual Manifesting allows truck carriers to manifest a SRI with a SRO (i.e. bring a bulk run of containers into the facility and pick up a bulk run of containers to bring out of the facility).

To Dual Manifest a Stack Run, you must have access to both SRI and SRO and have set up an SRI and an SRO. Then you can proceed to manifest by initiating the manifest from either the SRI or SRO screens.

During manifesting, you will then have the option to choose Dual Manifest. If Dual Manifest is selected, you will be prompted to select the Stack Run in the opposing direction and then add containers for Stack Runs in both directions and create the manifest.


Dual Manifesting Rules

The following rules will apply to be able to Dual Manifest:

  • Stack Run Dual Manifesting is only for a SRO with a SRI Full or a SRO with a SRI Empty (if the facility has allowed SRI MT's to be dual manifested)
  • Both Stack Runs being manifested must be 'Active' at the time of manifesting (i.e. Both Stack Runs must have started and must not have ended at the time of manifesting)
  • Both Stack Runs must be flagged for Dual Manifest by the CTO - during the Stack Run setup the CTO will have the option to flag the Stack Run for Dual Manifest. If the Stack Run is not flagged for Dual Manifest, they can NOT be Dual manifested.
  • You must have access to both SRI and SRO
  • Normal Stack Run Manifesting rules will apply during Dual Manifesting.


Flagging a Stack Run for Dual Manifest

Both Stack Runs being Dual Manifested must be flagged for "Dual Manifest". This is done by the terminal during the Stack Run Confirmation.

Note: Some facilities may allow Dual Manifesting at all times. This means all Stack Runs will by default be flagged for 'Dual Manifest' not requiring the CTO's intervention to flag it for Dual Manifest.


How to Dual Manifest a Stack Run

The following steps summarise how to Dual manifest a Stack Run:

  1. Create a SRI request (Empty or Full). When the CTO confirms the Stack Run ensure it has been flagged for Dual Manifest.
  2. Create a SRO request. When the CTO confirms the Stack Run Out Request ensure it has been flagged for Dual Manifest.
  3. Initiate a manifest from either the SRI or SRO, by clicking on the manifest button in the dashboard. This will open up the Stack Run Manifest screen.
  4. Set the Manifest date and select the Dual Manifest option. 
  5. A dashboard pop up will appear after selecting the Dual Manifest option and you will be prompted to select the Stack Run in the opposing direction - do this by clicking on the Manifest link.
  6. Add Containers onto the truck as per normal Stack Run manifesting. Ensure you add containers to both direction of the truck.
  7. Click Create Manifest. A Manifest Confirmation screen will be displayed once the Stack Run has been created successfully. 


COR Compliance (Patrick Terminals Only)

As a result of the amendments made to Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) on 1 October 2018, Patrick Terminals would require all carriers to acknowledge and accept that they’ve complied with COR Compliance conditions applicable for the Terminal. 

Carriers will be prompted to read and acknowledge COR Compliance conditions prior to completing manifesting.

Carriers who do not acknowledge COR compliance conditions will not be allowed to complete manifest. Same process is applied when a carrier edit their manifest. When editing a manifest, carriers must read and accept the compliance before saving any changes. 

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