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What is the Points Payment System and what are Points ?

Points Payment System (PPS) allows users to purchase points that are required to be used for Business Transactions in the booking system. 


As you use the booking system and conduct business transactions your points balance will increase or decrease.  So it is important to make sure you have enough points to be able to use the booking system. 

To add more points, you can purchase more points through the Points Payment System (PPS).


How to access the Points Payment System

To access the PPS, log in to the booking system, then click on Points.

PPS features

1. Points Window

See how many points are needed for each type of transaction.


2. Arrival Points

See how many points are deducted based on the time your truck turns up for your booking. 

3. Points Top Up

Go here to initiate the payment in PPS, and pay:

  • Online - direct from your account to ours
  • Over the counter bank and ATM - after initiating the payment through PPS, you can go to a bank to pay with cash
  • Non-bank counter - at participating counters, also after initiating the payment through the PPS


4. Transactions

This is a transaction history of your Business Transactions.  You will see points used and purchased here.


5. Payment History 

Use the Payment History page to see your point top ups or print a receipt.


Once a payment or top up has been confirmed in the PPS, the points will credited to your account and the balance will be updated.


The diagram below shows the process. 


Remember that if there is are insufficient points, you will not be able to make a booking. 


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