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Guideline to Advanced Bookings


  1. Firstly, upload your list of containers to the Container List.
    Refer to the following guide -  How to Add / View / Edit Containers in Container List
  2. When your containers have reached maturity, then your containers are available for Advanced Booking.
    Refer to the following guide - How to do an Advanced Booking

  3. Once you have booked and confirmed your containers, your containers are ready for Manifesting.
    Refer to the following guide - VBS Truck Manifest Customer User Guide

  4. In some instances, you may need to go back to your bookings and edit your booking. For e.g. update a Drop-off booking with a valid container number.
    Refer to the following guide - How to View and Edit Bookings 

  5. For other booking functionality, refer to the following guides
    How to Swap a Booking
    How to Pay Storage Costs
    How to View Booking History

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