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Select ‘Manifest’ from the Main Menu to create and access the Truck Manifest details. 

About the Truck Manifest module

The Truck Manifest screen is available at some terminals, depending on individual terminal configuration. If the terminal does not switch it on then they will have the Autogate and Autogate List screens. All DP World and Patrick use the Truck Manifest and Truck Manifest List screens, however, Port of Auckland terminals use the Autogate and Autogate List screens.

The Truck Manifest screen can be used for Autogate runs only or it can also be used for Non-Autogate depending on individual terminal configuration. It also allows the carrier to assign a driver, with an approved MSIC, to the truck run. The Driver and MSIC may be mandatory for a particular terminal depending on individual terminal configuration.

Be aware that the Truck Manifest screens for Patrick and DPW Terminals have some slight differences between them.

All terminals prefer that every booking be associated to a truck run using the Truck Manifest screen and to make use of the Autogate facility as this is the most efficient process for trucks arriving at the terminal.

If a carrier uses the Non-Autogate option then the truck driver will have to report to the terminal office to be processed manually. Manual processing via Non Autogate process is now the exception rather than the rule and you may incur an additional administration fee to enter the terminal this way.

Also, depending on individual terminal configuration, a truck driver with an approved MSIC should be assigned to the truck run via the Truck Manifest screen.

All DP World terminals make use of RFID transponders (BAT numbers) that work in conjunction with the Autogate process. For further information about transponders, contact the terminal.

All Patrick terminals require the truck driver to enter the VBS PIN on the keypad at the gate. The VBS PIN is automatically generated when the Truck Manifest is created in VBS. 

Note: the 'Truck Manifest' menu is only available at terminals that have switched it on through the configuration screen otherwise the menu will say Auto Gate Run. The Auto Gate Run is similar to the Truck Manifest but has less functionality.